Revel Nail Launches Berry Beautiful Kit, and it Skyrockets to #2 on Amazon Hot New Releases

August 15 21:06 2022
The four-color premium dipping powder is an instant bestseller and perfect for the rich tones of the upcoming fall season.

Revel Nail recently released its newest shades of premium dipping powder, and the Berry Beautiful four-color kit became an instant Amazon bestseller. It topped the Amazon Hot New Releases in Nail Polish list at number two and has maintained a seat in the Top 10. 

Berry Beautiful is an Amazon exclusive and comes in four berry-inspired shades ideal for the rich tones popular in fall:

–  A red base with chunky glitters
–  A deep mauve shimmer
–  A dark purple shimmer
–  A red glitter base with tri-color gold, green, and purple glitters

Revel Nail was among the first companies to produce and sell a dip powder manicure, revolutionizing the nail industry. It offers more than 300 colors in its line and is the go-to for manicure lovers worldwide. Its products are easy to apply, odor-free, water-resistant, and made in the United States. In addition, products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and 12-free, which means they don’t contain the 12 main toxic chemicals in traditional nail polishes.

Dip Powder is the Safer Manicure Alternative

Traditional acrylic and gel polish contain methacrylate, which weakens nail beds and causes yellowing and damage to nails. Revel Nail Dip Powder doesn’t have this ingredient — instead, it’s fortified with calcium and vitamin E. As a result, the wearer’s natural nails become stronger even after the first manicure. When the dip powder is removed, nails are left healthy and undamaged. 

Dip powders work in just a few easy steps. First, a liquid pro base is applied to the nail. Then, the nail is dipped into a powder in the wearer’s chosen color. Next, the liquid activator is applied, and the nails are topped off with the finishing gel. The liquids used are similar to the glue hospitals use to seal a cut, so consumers can trust they’re safe for the skin.

No UV or LED lights are needed to cure the powder nail polish, so hands aren’t exposed to UV rays. Dipping also applies in half the time as acrylic alternatives so that users can get a salon-quality manicure quickly and without leaving home. Revel Nail Dip Powders also outlast gel polish and are as durable as acrylics but are easier to remove than both.

Powder nails can last up to eight weeks — longer than acrylic or gel — which reduces the need for frequent manicure do-overs. 

About Revel Nail

Revel Nail is headquartered in New Jersey and was founded by two families. The CEO, Phon Malone, is a chemical engineer who worked in product development and manufacturing in the nail industry. He and his wife Keeli partnered with friends Monica and Reed Sutton to form the company in 2014 and started with gel polish. Orders were fulfilled out of their homes at night and on the weekends. 

An industry friend introduced the couples to dip powder, and Revel Nail began producing its own. This move launched the business’ growth, and it became the first online retailer for dip powder. Sales skyrocketed, allowing both Phon and Reed to quit their full-time jobs and fully invest in Revel Nail.

Today, the company has 75 employees and a 116,000-square-foot facility in Blackwood, New Jersey. Its Facebook community boasts more than 75,000 members worldwide who share dip powder tips and tricks.


Revel Nail continues to lead the dip powder industry. Its latest product, the Amazon-exclusive Berry Beautiful kit, is an instant bestseller and among the platform’s top ten Hot New Releases in nail polish.

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