Using an Attorney to Obtain a B-5 Investor Visa for Americans in Israel

July 30 02:49 2022
Utilize this special visa for American investors

What is the B-5 Visa?

The B-5 Visa, otherwise known as the Israeli Investor Visa for US Citizens, is relatively new to the scene of Israel Immigration. The key factor that differentiates this visa from all others is that it may be used by both Jewish and Non-Jewish US Citizens alike.

The B-5 Visa was established on May 1, 2019. It stipulates that US Citizens, including Non-Jews, are permitted to live and work in Israel so long as they invest in and own (or partially own) an Israeli business, and reside in Israel in order to operate that business. This special visa extends this privilege to business investors, key workers, and their families.

The B-5 Visa parallels long-standing policies in the US which permit foreign investors in American companies to move to the US to operate the business, under the E-2 visa program. However, the B-5 Visa in Israel is underutilized, perhaps because of its novelty, lack of awareness in the public, or low media promotion. What follows is a detailed explanation to take advantage of this immigration opportunity.

What are the requirements for obtaining a B-5 Visa?

The requirements for obtaining a B-5 Visa are as follows:
The investor must invest a “substantial” amount of his or her own money into a new or existing Israeli business. The minimum investment amount is not official, but it is widely considered to be at least six figures, depending on the costs, revenues, and profits of the business.
The investor must own at least 50% of the business.
The business must be a for profit company.
The investor must demonstrate that the business will provide income beyond the costs needed to support his or her family.
The business must intend to hire Israeli workers, and prove that it will grow and employ more local workers over time.
The foreign investor and/or essential workers must work only for this company while residing in Israel, although spouses are permitted to work in unrelated fields.

How can an investor apply for a B-5 Visa?

An investor seeking a B-5 Visa must be approved by a committee. If the committee approves of the investor and the business, the members will then recommend to the Ministry of Interior that the applicant receive a B-5 Visa.

Advocate Joshua Pex specializes in immigration to Israel and business registration. He will be glad to answer questions and assist you regarding Israeli citizenship and the B-5 Investor Visa to Israel.

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