Dad Bod WOD: Forging Elite Fathers Offers Quick Free Workouts For Busy Dads

June 22 21:21 2022
Fitness Coach & Podcast Host, Kevin Torres, Helps Busy Fathers To Stay In Shape Without Sacrificing Family Time

Kevin Torres knows firsthand how it feels to be out of shape. As a father of three kids, he was once unable to care for his own physique. “I lacked confidence and hated how my clothes fit and feel,” described Kevin.

Through years of trial-and-error, he was able to develop a fitness program that worked for him despite his busy schedule. Through his company, Dad Bod WOD: Forging Elite Fathers, Kevin is now on a mission to help others who were in the same situation as he was.

“Many dads are out of shape and in poor health because they don’t know how to prioritize their health and fitness within their limited free time,” explained the coach.

“At Dad Bod WOD, we help busy dads go from dad bod to fit dad and lose their first 20+ lbs without fasting, cutting carbs, or sacrificing family time, so that they can live longer, become fit role models, and create a legacy of health and fitness. When dads prioritize their health and fitness, their families live happier and healthier lives.”

With the help of his team, Kevin provides regular workouts on the company’s Instagram account, @DadBod_WOD. Users may follow the account to access the workout sessions for free.

Kevin’s story and unique method have helped change the lives of numerous individuals. Country Singer Russel Dickerson even credited the program with how he is able to stay fit despite being a busy dad himself.

In a Wall Street Journal article published last year for fathers day, the celebrated artist narrated how he discovered the Dad Bod Workout of the Day on Instagram. “I saw this dad who was crushing life with these 20- to 30-minute workouts,” said Russel. “I was really inspired.”

For those who are ready, Dad Bod WOD offers one-on-one coaching where clients can receive more extensive and personalized training from the team.

Kevin Torres also hosts his own podcast show, the Dad Bod WOD Podcast. Here, the coach shares insightful tips on keeping fit, promotions, and updates about his programs. Listeners can tune in to his podcast through Spotify.

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