Live Video Monitoring Improves Construction Security

June 22 21:15 2022
Maryland-based Mobile Video Guard offers security at a much lower cost than traditional security guard services. The video surveillance monitoring is 24/7/365, with no long-term contracts.

Mobile Video Guard is pleased to announce that the remote video surveillance service is expanding its coverage area. The live video construction security monitoring is available around the clock from its headquarters in Maryland. The surveillance services help cut down on theft and vandalism without the need for security guards on site. Live video monitoring saves clients an average of 75 percent more than the cost of a security guard on site. 

Customers can be set up for construction surveillance within 24 hours. A video request allows for same-day site monitoring. There are no long-term contracts, no surprise charges, and no hidden fees. There are several reasons why thieves target construction sites. Handheld tools, lumber, and other supplies are becoming more and more costly to replace. Large equipment can also be a magnet for thieves when it is unattended during certain times of the day or night.  Remote surveillance protection can drastically reduce the number and type of incidents. 

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The Mobile Video Guard is ideal for long-term or short-term remote monitored video surveillance at equipment yards, utility infrastructure sites, scrap and recycling yards, and commercial and residential construction sites. Businesses often utilize video surveillance to ensure the protection of company property. Remote surveillance can help to prevent vandalism, theft and personal injury. It can offer real-time monitoring of high-value areas, clear proof of an accident or incident, and visual evidence of a crime for investigations by law enforcement. 

The Mobile Video Guard equipment is easy and fast to set up on any construction site. It does not require a long-term contract. Customers can choose from various options, including units that connect to the power supply on-site, a unit with a generator battery charger, and solar-powered options for locations with no on-site infrastructure available.

About the Company: 

Mobile Video Guard has expanded its service and coverage into many locations across the United States. The equipment is fast and easy to install and is available in various power options.

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