ERP Launches Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology

June 22 06:51 2022

Washington – The Embassy Row Project, a philanthropic initiative financed and managed by author, critical infrastructure technology expert, and government advisor James Scott, has recently launched Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology.  VCIT  opens doors and promotes initiatives that focus on veterans in the fields of technology and cybersecurity.

This initiative offers a platform for organizations to promote strategies intended for veterans,  veteran-owned technology companies, and 501c3s that elevate and proliferate veteran-centric opportunities in international critical infrastructure cybersecurity and technology. “I was never a great teacher so with VCIT, iDecarbonize, Emancip8, Techtonic Labz, and other Embassy Row Projects, we just put them through the same services we facilitate for our clients, and it’s all free.”

VCIT offers a plethora of support strategies for synergistically aligned organizations and initiatives. VCIT’s mission is to prioritize American veteran interests at the forefront of the critical infrastructure technology conversation. “We work on critical infrastructure projects all over the world” explains James Scott “it’s great to finally be in a position where I can now start doing what I love. I love helping people and now I get to do it every day.” This initiative helps represent American veterans in the international critical infrastructure dialogue and technology marketplace with the following assistance:

• Global Expansion and International Business Development

• International Government Relations

• Intergovernmental Summit and trade bloc access

• Congressional roundtable advisory

• International Trade Missions

• National Press Club briefing participation and media promotion

• Whitepaper publishing and promotion

• International infrastructure project and finance access

and more!

While VCIT’s focus is embedding veteran-focused expertise and value into the critical infrastructure technology conversation and international marketplace, this initiative also takes on the issues that impact the veteran community such as mental health, legislation, social issues, and more.

About the Embassy Row Project:

The purpose of this project is to unify synergistically aligned initiatives into a potent movement that offers grant and scholarship awardees a newfound forward momentum. That momentum is applied to upgraded and enhanced organizational architecture that cultivates growth and internationalizes peer and stakeholder connectivity. iDecarbonize, Tectonic Labz, Emancip8 Project, and Veterans for Critical Infrastructure Technology are all philanthropic projects and 100% of the services are provided free of charge.

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