Motoshield Pro Announces Its Launch In Indonesia Through A New Distributor

June 22 05:25 2022

Motoshield Pro’s Nano Ceramic Tint for car windows can reduce temperatures inside cars by up to 25°F (3.8°C), making it perfect for humid, tropical weather in Indonesia.

No matter whether someone drives a car from home to work, or gathers at the local drag strip, MotoShield Pro has the product for everyone’s specific needs. With advanced nanotech formulas, MotoShield Pro is designed to protect every valuable part of the car, enhancing its durability and longevity. For the last 8 years, the company is accoladed as the pioneer in advanced ceramic coatings for motorsport vehicles. Motoshield Pro is now all set to open its doors to car enthusiasts in Indonesia, via a new distributor.

Our MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint, high heat rejection window tint, can block up to 99% of heat (IRR) and 99% of UV rays. With hot, humid, and tropical weather year-round in Indonesia, Nano Ceramic Tint for car windows can greatly reduce temperatures inside cars by up to 25°F (3.8°C). 9H ceramic coatings and paint protection film will also greatly protect against the everyday elements present in Indonesia. We are now super-excited about this endeavor in Indonesia, and look forward to a great response,” says CEO and Founder Rick Fung, MotoShield Pro.

Known to be the first-ever company in the market that introduced the first ceramic coating to be wind tunnel tested, Motoshield Pro’s products are proven to help reduce wind drag by 4% at speeds over 75mph. Surfaces coated by 9H ceramic technology can protect against powerful UV rays, hard water stains, dirt, acid rain, snow, brake dust, road grime, tree sap, corrosion, and bird droppings. While Nano Ceramic Tint can even reduce the time, energy, and money spent on maintenance, empowering vehicle owners to save costs. 

Every day, every vehicle is constantly facing wear and tear on every inch of its surface thanks to the sun, dirt, road grime, and mother nature. Motoshield Pro ensures that whether it’s the car’s paint, wheel, or interior, it is shielded against it all.

MotoShield Pro’s nano-ceramic coatings contain the latest lab-tested and race-proven formulations based on SiO2 silica that provide the most durable protection over every surface on the car. MotoShield Pro’s nanocoatings bond to a surface at the nanomolecular level. Not only does it create a hydrophobic surface, but it also repels dirt easily. Keep your car cleaner for longer periods and wash it simply with water.

MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Products adhere to the car’s surface and provide a chemical bond. Thus, it will not wash off, turn yellow, crack or peel and we guarantee it will perform its function for the duration stated. Significantly, as a socially and environmentally responsible company passionate about clean car care culture, the products DO NOT CONTAIN Wax, Resin. Teflon, or Polymers.

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About the Company:

MotoShield Pro is an Official member of SEMA, PRI, and CAN. For the last 8 years, the company is recognized as the pioneer in advanced ceramic coatings for motorsport vehicles. Proven to help keep the dirt off in racing leagues such as NASCAR Truck Series, Lucas Oil Off-Road, TerraCross, and Baja 500.  MotoShield Pro is on the mission to protect every car and educate every driver on the road about the benefits of nano-ceramic technology.

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