Lexington Tree Experts Recruits New Customer Care Agents to Help at The Call Centre

June 21 21:37 2022

Lexington, Kentucky – Lexington Tree Experts has been on the hunt for new customer care agents to help in the call center. Since the customer base has morphed, it showed the company had to look for additional customer care to narrow down the bottlenecks it faced.

Operating a customer base with nearly 30 calls in a day is never a walk in the park. Instead, it required additional input within the department. As a result, the company is now certain to handle more than 30 calls per day with the recruit.

There are peak days in this business,” said the CEO. “The company would often receive more calls on certain days than the rest of the days. This is because, during the weekdays’ homeowners are too held up with their jobs, and therefore, their trees can’t be taken care of unless it is an emergency tree removal. In addition, the weekend is when the company experiences traffic from homeowners. On the contrary, the commercial property owners are the people who call during the week, and gladly the company has been responding to the calls. With the recruit, the company will be more reliable in its responses to customer’s requests.”

Lexington Tree Experts’ chief executive officer noted that the company had always been experiencing a fluctuation in calls it was receiving. However, with most calls being on the weekend, new customer care will be a muscle to the team at the call center. On average, the company usually receives nearly 50 calls during the weekends, and it is a lot of work giving reliable feedback to such customers.

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“Well, the recruitment process was overwhelming, and the company met talent beyond its expectation,” said the human resource officer. “The ultimate goal whenever conducting a recruitment process is to observe talent from the prospects keenly. Often talent beats education, but only when it is uprightly polished with the right set of skills. The company identified it needed additional customer care, and the most ethical way was to advertise the job and invite prospects to apply. Unfortunately, the applicants were overwhelming, making the recruitment process seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

The company encountered a diverse skillset, and settling on the most desired candidate, irked the rest of the applicants. It was a tied-up process, but eventually, the company had to settle for Rebecca as the recruit. She will be joining the company any time soon to help with the operations at the call center.

The recruitment process has since attracted attention from the local media and observers. They contacted the recruit to understand how the whole procedure was conducted clearly. Fortunately, she had positive remarks about the company.

Lexington Tree Experts conducted the procedure with an astute professionalism,” said Rebecca. “The recruitment process, to some extent, caused uneasiness. It involved finding the candidate with the best skills, experience, and personality fit for the job. There were nearly 30 applicants, and moving leaf by leaf through the testimonials is never easy. The human resource department at Lexington Tree Experts did their best to ensure the procedure turned out to be just.”

From the recruitment of Rebecca,” said the company’s CEO, “Lexington Tree Experts call center is expected to be more efficient since it is the backbone of all operations at the company. The recruit is expected to answer customer questions, resolve their complaints, take orders, and direct customers to the right department or supervisor.”

Lexington Tree Experts head office is located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, 40504 Lexington, KY. The company can be contacted at 859-710-6512 and [email protected]

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