Fullerton Tree Experts Handles Tree Removal to Create Room for New School

June 21 21:34 2022

Fullerton, California – When parents in a section of Fullerton decided to establish a new school, they realized that the only piece of land they could use was occupied by trees. The parents, however, were not willing to give up so easily. After analyzing the situation to get a solution, they ended up settling on hiring a team of tree removal experts.

Most of the parents in the group had worked with Fullerton Tree Experts,” said Jimmy, one of the parents in the group. “These parents noted that they had enjoyed the services offered by the company. From having an affordable tree removal price to ensuring maximum safety during tree removal, Fullerton Tree Experts sounded like a good company to work with.”

Jimmy noted that the cost of the tree removal procedure did not matter as it would be shared by more than 20 parents. However, when the parents contacted Fullerton Tree Experts to get a quotation, they were surprised by the quotation they received.

The company sent a professional to analyze the project so that they could provide an accurate quotation,” said Mansfield who was among the parents looking to initiate the school construction. “The professional sent was very social—he talked to all the parents and was more than happy to answer all the questions everyone had. What’s more, he provided a tree service quotation that was way below what the parents had expected. The parents gave the go-ahead and requested the professional to initiate the tree removal procedure the following day.”

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Fullerton Tree Experts reportedly arrived at the work site early the next day. Most of the parents were surprised when they visited they visited the proposed school site only to find more than 5 trees already removed.

The parents were expecting the team to appear on the landscape at around 8 am,” said Mansfield. “However, the company decided to arrive on the site at around 6 am. The worksite was away from the homes and the team understood that it wouldn’t be bothering anyone while they were sleeping. When the parents asked the team why they had initiated the tree removal procedure so early, the team responded that the goal was complete the procedure and then move on to a new project that had been requested.”

The company reportedly removed 5 trees every 2 hours. The parents were surprised when they noticed how the company made complicated tree removal procedures look so effortless.

The company had brought advanced machines,” said Jimmy. “Fullerton Tree Experts was not relying on anything manual—everything they did was automated or powered. From the powered cutting tools to the crane that lifted the tree trunk, the company arrived at the worksite prepared to deliver maximum value in a very short period.”

Fullerton Tree Experts reportedly did more than just remove the trees and leave. The company also pulled out the tree stumps to ensure that the foundation for the school building would be easy to establish.

The parents requested the company to turn the removed trees into building materials,” said Mansfield. “The company did not hesitate. Instead, the team of tree cutting professionals just asked for specifications on the types of materials the homeowners were looking for. The company then went to work, cutting some of the wood into poles and timber.”

The parents were impressed when the company cleaned the landscape after the tree removal procedure. The company reportedly collected the sawdust, stumps, and unusable pieces of wood—these were taken to the closest dumpsite.

Fullerton Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 227 W Whiting Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 949-755-0774 and [email protected]

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