Seagul Is Looking To Give The Relevance That Web3 Deserves With Their Services

May 13 23:20 2022
Seagul Is Looking To Give The Relevance That Web3 Deserves With Their Services

Seagul is a Brazilian company that’s willing to give the relevance that Web 3.0 and all that digital space truly deserves.With their services of support, press and advisory, they help to create and increase the value of projects, artists and founders of this universe. Their work englobes all the steps of project collabs, even the advice to verify which project or person in their social media.

They have a team that works since the beginning of the services, promoting campaigns in all sorts of websites and portals. What makes them pop out is that their service is very fast. It goes around one to five days, and they give assistance all the time the client needs, making the process super easy and trusty.

Promoting the brands, their specialty is the assurance that the NFT universe, along with all the people involved, will be recognized and grow even more. Seagul is working like a bridge to connect the digital revolution of Web 3.0 with the physical world, helping to bring them together even more.

Their long list of big and famous clients, such as Karafuru NFT, Blvck Paris, Sixth Reseau, Shinsekai Corp, Jason Beyer, Kashama, Sketcha Official, and Strangers Kojo, only gets bigger, which cultivates the vision of the digital community and launches new things to benefit Web 3.0.

Their brand is in the midst of strategies of influencers and content creators on social networks and innovators. Besides that, there’s the development of connections for each event company and brands, reach outreach, among others. So if the project, artist or founder is looking for become a meaningful member of a digital community, Seagul is here now and ready to start new connections.

About Seagul

Seagul is a company that helps to promote projects, artists and founders of Web 3.0 and get the relevance they deserve. They do all the advisory, press, and support of project collabs and advice to verify them on their social media, with campaigns on famous and important websites and portals. Their goal is to guarantee that the projects get recognized by the digital community.

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