Ace Extensions Inc. NFT collection “EarthAngels1000” with a floor price of 777 ETH are on sale now

May 11 22:35 2022
Ace Extensions Inc. NFT collection "EarthAngels1000" with a floor price of 777 ETH are on sale now
EarthAngels1000 NFTs are available now on the OpenSea website.

Consisting of subtle and various hues the EarthAngels1000 collection were first special moments that were captured of Hady Lopez de Dowe and Shawn J. Dowe by iPhone, then GIFs from Instagram were placed, added and used, then the moments were turned into art by their niece Lamone Horsford from Baltimore Maryland, finally that art was then turned into NFT’s. Their daughter Mia C. Dowe created 1 NFT to help complete their EarthAngels1000 project at the tender age of 8 years old, she even autographed it. You will notice the yellow one while looking through the 12 NFT’s in the project. Mia is still creating NFT’s and will soon be showing them to the world under her own profile in the near future while balancing school, playing Roblox, painting, practicing to be a singer, and computer coding, so be on the lookout because her collection will be different and super special.

Many critics have stated that they can easily download the EarthAngels1000 projects and tuck them away in a folder (which many are doing!) but if you download a portrait of Mona Lisa or any of the EarthAngels1000 project, that does not make you the rightful owner. These NFT’s are attached to a blockchain through smart contracts, along with Metadata including the creator’s address.

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

An NFT is digital representation of an asset created and stored with blockchain technology. Each NFT has a unique identification code that distinguishes it from other NFT’s and prevents replication. Each NFT is also extensible, which means it can be combined with another NFT to make a completely unique NFT. (Not sure if anyone will want to make a “unique” NFT with the EarthAngels1000 collection as they are so unique already, but time will tell). When you buy an EarthAngels1000 NFT, you receive a token or proof of ownership that is held on the blockchain, which makes it easily verifiable by anyone who looks it up. So, when it comes time to sell that NFT or take advantage of its real-world perks, owning the official NFT and not just a screenshot or downloaded photo has tremendous value. Use these NFT’s as a diversification, hedge, or to simply add to your investment portfolio. These NFT’s will also give you access to groups, associations, and many high-end charitable events.

Shawn & Hady have many projects that they are currently working on within their communities and will be teaming up with many big-name Social Media Influencers and Celebrities alike to get certain important tasks done within their communities. Their target communities right now are the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, and California but are hopeful that they will be able to help the rest of America, and certain parts of Africa and Canada as well within a timely manner. They have a burning desire to help tackle homelessness, being there for inner city kids that have it the roughest, and senior citizens that have no family to help take care of them.

“Our NFT project began in 2018 because of a special moment that Hady and I had before NFT’s were actually a household name. They were not easily made. We had the urge and the vision from something higher than ourselves to create them but had no idea how to start or how exactly it would end. They are personable and extremely valuable to us. They were created with love. It’s going to be exciting and also a little sad after they are sold but we can’t wait to see who the new owner(s) will be! The owner will also receive the actual portraits and the drawings that our niece created. With the help of God, we plan to do many extraordinary and extravagant things and our NFT’s will only continue to be talked about and will continue to climb in value over time. We were sent here to serve, and not to be served, and we are fully prepared to continue serving by helping whenever and whomever we can, so the collectors of the NFT’s will be directly contributing to our mission and for that we are grateful. That is all we have to say for now.”

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