Sonia Williams-Lewis, an Uncompromising Voice Leading the Charge in the Call for Equity

May 11 18:03 2022
Sonia Williams-Lewis, an Uncompromising Voice Leading the Charge in the Call for Equity

Racism has been a long-standing issue that continues to spread its tentacle throughout the world. Although there has been progress for equality, the collective Black community remains marginalized. As a result, people have been working towards a new goal: equity. Among the loudest voices in this mission is Sonia L. Williams-Lewis, M. Ed, out of California.

An Oakland local and the epitome of a “Cali girl,” Sonia Williams-Lewis is a streetwise and booksmart individual and the founder of ASCRIBE Educational Consulting LLC and EDIFY Humanity 501c3, two endeavors dedicated to leveraging humanity. Not your traditional, transaction-driven DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) firm, Sonia uniquely positions transformation to promote productivity and belonging. A woman of color, Sonia has been a powerful presence for more than a decade, with respect to the call for equity.

Even as a child, Sonia was aware of the social problems around her. When she was seven, Sonia made the bold choice not to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, reasoning that she didn’t see “liberty and justice for all,” especially for those in community blessed with Black and Brown skin. Her resolve to change society spurned a desire to strengthen her educational background.

Sonia earned degrees in History and Psychology from Spelman College, a Master’s in Education, and Secondary Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University. She would later build a career as a teacher for nearly 20 years, becoming an expert in identifying disparity gaps and creating pathways leveraging equity for the most marginalized in the community.

Sonia shared the same experience that many people of color faced throughout her life — she had been silenced, othered, marginalized, and erased as a Black woman. When she entered Spelman College, Sonia believed she was the brightest of the bright. However, she experienced failure in her attempts on her freshman entrance exams, forced to take remedial Reading and Math. That experience fortified her determination to marry educational equity and social justice.

As a teacher for nearly two decades, Sonia witnessed the gaps of denied resources grow wider for students who looked like her younger self. She later discovered an administrator was misappropriating funds. But to her surprise, no one was willing to address the issue among her peers, the same ones who claimed to care for the development of ALL young minds. 

From there, Sonia Williams-Lewis unexpectedly became an entrepreneur, specializing in curating brave space for courageous conversations around race, racism, and whit supremacy. She believes that every organization deserves an equity specialist, and is intentional on building and Anti-Racist future.

ASCRIBE and EDIFY offer an unique ability to serve clients and community by offering varied perspectives from multi and intergenerational lenses. A Black woman-owned and family-led structure allows ASCRIBE and EDIFY to center the voices and needs of women and young people. Sonia not only shutters at the norm of the American way, she leans on her ability to lead from lived experiences of being a mother, educator, activist, author, and thought leader.

Together, ASCRIBE and EDIFY manage to tackle all things equity from professional and personal development to social justice changes that empower those disenfranchised by systems, structures, and institutions that historically perpetuate racism and division. “We pride ourselves in transformative client experiences that leverage equity at all levels — climate and culture, policy and procedure, talent hire and retention, and patterns of belief and behaviors that shape any organization’s mission, vision, and global footprint,” explained Sonia.

Sonia Williams-Lewis is optimistic that her organization’s influence will continue in the years to come, leading conversations around equity from a more holistic approach of training future generations as change agents to advocate at nuanced intersections of change on behalf of those with vulnerable birth and circumstances that negatively impact one’s ability to survive and thrive. In addition, she hopes to publish the remaining four books in the Monsters & Aliens: The Voice You Wish They Heard book series, adding volume to the voice of those traumatized and oppressed by the norm of racial discrimination combined with ideations of patriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism.

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