Second Chance Sobriety Homes in San Francisco are Helping Recovering Addicts to Maintain a substance-free Life

May 11 07:34 2022
Second Chance Sobriety Homes are known for providing a safe and supportive atmosphere to recovering addicts so that they can keep going strong on their path to recovery.

It is said that everyone deserves a second chance in life, and people aiming to turn clean and sober deserve a second chance as well. Returning home following a stay at a treatment center can be very daunting for the recovering alcoholic or drug addict. Besides their own strong will, these individuals require a lot of support and understanding from their family, friends, and society. This is where sober living homes come into the picture. Second Chance Sobriety Homes, nestled at different locations across California, have earned a reputation for helping enable recovering addicts to maintain their sobriety.

While talking about Second Chance Sobriety Homes, the spokesperson in an interview stated, “Love, support, and understanding are of paramount importance for the recovering addict. The path to recovery is complex and difficult but the same can turn out to be a lot easier and more pleasant with the support from family and friends. Besides love and support, Second Chance Sobriety Homes require alcohol and drug-free environments. Some recovering addicts are fortunate to have all this right in the confines of their homes, whereas many others fail to maintain abstinence for long because of lack of support and a clean environment. We run sobriety living homes across California, wherein recovering addicts get support, a good environment, and the push and opportunities to transition back to an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.”

People recovering from addiction in second chance living homes in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and East Bay get to live in a supervised and sober environment with structure and rules, which include mandatory curfews, therapeutic meetings, and chores. A custom model of recovery is created for each housemate. Everyone is required to attend some type of mental health or recovery-based meeting, work with a sponsor/addiction therapist/counselor, remain abstinent from drugs/alcohol, and submit to random drug tests when requested by the House Manager or Assistant House Manager.

The spokesperson further stated, “Most of our housemates have gone through some form of drug and alcohol treatment before entering the house. However, completing an inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation program is not a necessity. But all housemates are expected to arrive at the house clean and sober. We at Second Chance Sobriety Homes believe in accountability at all our locations throughout the Bay Area. A few aspects of the accountability provided are curfew, drug and alcohol testing, group check-ins, and participation in group sessions and 12-step meetings.”

The minimum obligation to stay in Second Chance Sobriety Homes is 30 days, with the average stay being between 3 to 6 months. The costs differ from one house to another, primarily due to the location and amenities. Guests are allowed in these homes so that the housemates can feel at home. However, guests are not allowed to stay overnight. For more information, one can directly speak to an intake specialist at (877)-640-0840.

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Second Chance Sobriety Homes help recovering addicts by providing them with the right kind of support and a safe and substance-free environment. To book recovery homes in San Francisco or for any other inquiry, one can contact Second Chance Sobriety Homes today.

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