Can A Battery Ride for 10 Years? How to Maintain Electric Bicycles’ Battery?

January 19 18:32 2022

In addition to the inherent life of the battery, it also depends on the way people use it. Just like their old mobile phone now needs to be charged every five minutes, the battery of an electric bicycle will inevitably age over time. Here are some small tips that can help people minimize losses and maintain power supply their a longer period of time.

1. Correct cadence

The fewer times the battery is charged and discharged, the longer the battery’s service life. Every time they ride an electric bike, people need to find the best rhythm that matches the electric booster motor during pedaling. This is a very smart choice. Generally speaking, the electric motor of an electric bicycle is the most efficient at a normal to high cadence rhythm, and it also means that the power loss is minimal. For example, Bosch Electric recommends that the rider’s cadence should be higher than 50, and make full use of the transmission to avoid the increase in torque due to too low cadence. Similarly, make full use of the riding mode selected for them by the smart computer of the electric bicycle. For example, people want  to use the lowest power and the highest power output from the motor to help them climb steep slopes, but this time should not be reduced to the lowest cadence, not only smart The computer may make wrong judgments and wear out batteries and motors.

2. Don’t empty the battery completely

The battery or the motor itself actually has a computer chip to regulate the output and charge, and protect the health of the battery. This means that the battery will never damage itself by overcharging and discharging. However, a full charge before each ride and a complete exhaustion of power on the road will put a greater load on the battery. Such a charge and discharge is a battery cycle. Therefore, try to stop using the motor before the battery is completely exhausted. But easier said than done.

3. Charging

It is very important to charge the battery at room temperature, the ideal charging temperature is between 10-20 degrees Celsius, try not to be below 0 degrees Celsius, and do not charge in a humid environment. Bosch recommends charging in a dry place with smoke detectors (lithium-ion batteries are proven to be very safe, but if short-circuited, they will catch fire in very rare cases, and many property management will clearly announce electric vehicles, Electric mopeds are not allowed to enter the corridor), it is recommended to charge outdoors in China. So when riding outside this temperature window, they can obviously feel that the battery power drops very quickly, which will also shorten the battery life, because the temperature is too low, the lithium ion activity is slow, and a larger voltage is required to drive the battery for normal operation. Which causes a greater consumption of the battery, and if the temperature is too high, the resistance is too large and the consumption is also greater.

But riding for a few hours in cold weather is not harmful to their battery, because no matter what the surrounding weather is, the self-heating of the motor will keep it warm, but don’t challenge themselves in extreme cold conditions. In a hot environment, the motor needs to go through the test, because the speed of the bicycle is far from the air-cooling requirement. If the temperature rises blindly, the load on the battery will increase, but both the motor and the battery manufacturer will take this into consideration. The problem is that there is no problem in the normal environment.

4. Storage

If people don’t want to ride their electric moped for a few days, weeks or months, don’t let the battery empty. Bosch recommends keeping 30-60% of the electric energy, and Shimano recommends keeping the electric energy at 70% as much as possible. Charge it every 6 months, and of course they must fully charge it before riding again. Avoid using too much water around the motor and battery, which may cause infiltration and short circuit.

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