Automated CRM system by Smart Business Circle LTD helps businesses boost sales by turning more leads into customers

January 12 22:00 2022
Automated CRM system by Smart Business Circle LTD helps businesses boost sales by turning more leads into customers
Smart Business Circle LTD (SBC LTD) is reshaping the future of CRM Systems with their integrated all-in-one customized CRM applications.

Winterthur, Switzerland – Smart Business Circle LTD (SBC), located in Winterthur Switzerland, is pleased to offer their automated and customisable CRM system that is set to revolutionise the future of customer relationship management, especially for the SME sector. The highly intelligent and precise customer relationship management (CRM) software is powered by their proprietary technology. The company has helped businesses digitize their multitude of data and optimize their work processes based on the insights derived from the data. Founded in 1992 in Switzerland, Smart Business Circle has expanded its footprints in multiple international locations.

“We are delighted to offer our CRM platform to support businesses augment their sales and marketing activities,” says a spokesperson from Smart Business Circle LTD. “CRM is evolving rapidly in this digital-first world. Old school sales and marketing strategies simply don’t cut it anymore. Your employees need meaningful customer insights to fill your sales pipeline. With our flagship CRM system, you will get invaluable information about your leads and prospective customers that will help you to optimize your sales channels in a modern way.”

As businesses across the world are trying to adjust to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, they are waking up to the benefits of a remote workforce to keep their businesses afloat. This has given a big boost to digitization, as businesses gear up to adopt and integrate CRM systems in their business processes, resulting in a surge in demand for reliable technology partners who can set it up for them. Smart Business Circle LTD is well-positioned to play a significant role in meeting this growing demand to help businesses make a swift transition to smart CRM systems that is customized to map their work processes.

“Speed is crucial in the IT-industry, and the Smart Business Circle LTD is well equipped for this challenge. Our modular development system enables us to create new processes and interactions quickly and efficiently and to include trends in our process-design in a timely manner,” remarks a representative from Smart Business Circle LTD.

As a top-rated CRM system provider, Smart Business Circle LTD is popular with their clients due to their personalized, customer-centric approach and affordable services. The professional team at Smart Business Circle LTD believes in keeping things simple so that even the non-technical users are at ease when using their platform. They believe that designing beautiful user-friendly interfaces inspires employees to readily adopt new systems and help them achieve amazing results. They strongly uphold the principle of automation while developing their software applications, thus ensuring that their platform solves problems and saves time for their users.

“The services on our platform can be customized as per the specific requirements of our Clients. We offer consultations with trained professionals, so that we can better understand the needs of our customers”, says the spokesperson from Smart Business Circle LTD. “Our background and years of experience in this industry give us an advantage of knowing what works best and customizing specifically for each client.”

The experienced team at Smart Business Circle LTD realizes that when it comes to providing services to their clients, a “One Size Fits All” strategy simply doesn’t work. They tailor their services to meet the needs of each of their clients. As a result, they have a growing list of satisfied clients who are actively using the company’s platform.

“Our Clients love us because we don’t treat them as just another number on our list of clients. We get to know them personally because their requirements are as personal as it gets. They can always count on us,” says the spokesperson from Smart Business Circle LTD. “There is a need for a low-cost CRM platform in the market. We started this as an effort to help businesses simplify their work processes and make an effortless switch to intelligent CRM application. We have constantly seen a surge in demand for our platform ever since we began our operations.”

Efficient customer relationship management is essential for business growth. Smart Business Circle LTD enables businesses to implement highly optimized data-driven sales and marketing strategies. Using powerful sales and marketing automation features in Smart Business Circle LTD’s CRM system, businesses will be able to equip their employees to be more productive and deliver better results.

“Our clients are a top priority for us and we want to make sure we provide them the latest and updated platform,” says the spokesperson from Smart Business Circle LTD. “We will continue to invest in research and development, so that we can always offer top-class CRM platform to our users.”

Clients can book a demo of Smart Business Circle LTD’s platform through their website or by calling on their customer service number.

About Smart Business Circle LTD

The Smart Business Circle AG (SBC), located in Winterthur Switzerland, with additional international offices was founded in 1992. The business purpose is the development and marketing of highly intelligent and precise customer relationship management (CRM) software. Using their expertise, they have helped multiple license-holders to optimize their businesses, make significant advances in the area of digitization and find new sales markets by heightening the efficiency of their work processes.

For more information and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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