Bestselling author Sandra Fava helps families through tough transitions

January 06 21:15 2022
Family law was the last place she expected to end up, but after working with a domestic violence survivor during an internship, Sandra knew she’d found her calling.

As partner in the Family Law Department of the New Jersey branch of nationwide law practice Fox Rothschild and the mom of three kids, Sandra Fava is a busy woman. Her parents came to America from Italy without high-school educations and Sandra was the only one of their children to attend college. Still, it’s what her parents taught her—empathy, patience, and the value of hard work—that has the most impact on her current career.

She was the youngest of the kids and, although hidden for a long time, Sandra and the rest of her family finally saw that a family member was being physically abused by her first husband. “I saw how long and how impactful those allegations were, how long her divorce was, how everyone was dragged into it, how expensive it became,” Sandra remembers. “I saw that nobody was really there for the victim; it was said and done and everything kind of just moved on. So that made a real lasting impression on me, at first in a negative way, where I said, I’m not doing this type of law if I go to law school. I didn’t want anything to do with family law.” 

But then she did a summer internship and was asked to prepare a lawyer’s domestic violence case. “I really got emotionally connected to the client and very interested and passionate in the type of work that I was doing. When I went back to law school, one of the professors who ran the Family Law clinic there suggested that I do the clinic. So I just kept getting deeper and deeper into it.” It has since become her passion and her life’s work. 

She is always helping clients see beyond the law, trying to offer them solutions that work best for everyone, especially when children are involved. “I take a holistic approach and say, ‘Let’s think about a creative solution. You have young children, you’re going to have to deal with this person for a really long time. You have the ability to do things that are different than what the law provides for.’” It doesn’t always work, she admits, because divorce is highly emotional and stressful for everyone involved. “At the end of the day,” she says, “it is their lives to make decisions about.”

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Reach out to Sandra via the Fox Rothschild website,, where you will find her in the Morristown, NJ, section. Her bio also contains links to her podcast, “Life After Love Gone Wrong,” and her blog. You can follow her on Twitter @DivorceNJLaw or on Instagram Potential clients outside of New Jersey can also get in touch and she can offer trusted referrals in other states. 

You can also learn more about her at, where you can find a link to Women Who Boss Up Post-Pandemic. And don’t miss all the dynamic and supportive women from the Women Who Boss Up book series who are scheduled to speak at the upcoming Women Who Boss Up Summit!

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