Finding a Higher Plane Educates Christians about Incarnation, Atonement, and the Apocalypse

January 04 00:15 2022
Finding a Higher Plane Educates Christians about Incarnation, Atonement, and the Apocalypse

Deron Dwomo-Bediako educates readers about what the Bible says about Incarnation, Atonement, and the Apocalypse.

United States; to be dated: Deron Dwomo-Bediako’s latest book, ‘Finding a Higher Plane’ focuses on educating Christians about the word of God and the various topics the Bible touches upon. It focuses on healing, self-realization, and forgiveness.

Relating it to his own experiences, Deron Dwomo-Bediako perfectly captures the emotional difficulties and situations every Christian goes through at some point in their lives. To make everything in accordance to Christian beliefs, Bediako has incorporated Scriptural references from the New Living Translation.

“We all go through tough times in life. But sometimes we feel like there’s nothing that can help. That’s when we need to remember the Word of God, that He is right there. The Bible is a source of guidance for all Christians and in my book, I have incorporated everything it says about the journey we must go through to find ourselves,” commented Bediako, talking about how tough situations can take people by surprise but that the Word of God is always true.

The book focuses on the tribulations Christians face and how they can find all the answers in the Bible. It focuses on the Wisdom of God and how He can help His people get through everyday life.

“There isn’t anything that we can’t find in the Bible if we pay close attention. I have highlighted everything related to Atonement and Forgiveness, and how God is Merciful in my book, making it a source of guidance for readers,” commented Bediako, further explaining what his book is about.

‘Finding a Higher Plane’ focuses how Christians can use the Word of God to tackle everyday situations and find strength in Him to get past any obstacle.

About the Author:

Deron Dwomo-Bediako is a 16 year old boy who discusses religious beliefs in a different light. His book, ‘Finding a Higher Plane’, is written for Christians who want to create a connection with God and learn about complex topics such as Atonement, Incarnation, and the Apocalypse.

Finding a Higher Plane‘ is self-published by Deron Dwomo-Bediako.

ISBN: 979-8785929685

Published: December 16, 2021

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