Plantein Turns More Australians Onto Plant Based Food Options

December 07 17:27 2021
Plantein offers plant based food options for anyone, even meat lovers.

A lot of people who eat meat products regularly would like to make the switch to plant-based products. However, it’s not that easy to do because a lot of plant-based products aren’t very tasty. The texture and flavor of many of these products are very unappealing, which turns many people off of the idea of eating a meat-free diet.

Plantein is an Australian company that wants to change the way people view plant-based products. This company has put in the research to find out how to make plant-based foods more appealing. Now, meat lovers all over Australia can’t get enough of Plantein plant-based food

Plantein products for everyone’s tastebuds

Plantein is the number one company in Australia for producing plant-based foods. These are the products that can be put on the plate of any meat lover to persuade them to eat more plant-based products. Most people don’t even know the difference between a Plantein plant-based burger and a real beef burger. 

Some of the top-selling products from Plantein that Australians always stock up on are:

Nuggets are a quick and tasty treat that kids all over Australia (and other parts of the world) love to eat. However, parents don’t love the idea of feeding them fast-food chicken nuggets because they don’t know what’s in them. Plantein nuggets are a much friendlier plant-based treat that kids love just as much as the takeout version.

The plant-based burgers are a welcome addition to any barbeque party as well. They are easy to make on the grill and full of juicy flavor. Nobody’s disappointed when they have a Plantein patty between on their bun.

Plantein’s mission

Plantein has a mission to create plant-based foods that Australians will enjoy. If they don’t like what’s on their plate, they will never consider making the switch to plant-based meals. This is why Plantein puts the extra effort behind every recipe to make sure it satisfies everyone’s tastebuds.

When more people are willing to eat a plant-based diet, they are making a choice towards better health and a better environment. One of Plantein’s goals is to get more people to eat plant-based foods regularly to reduce the negative impact that the meat industry has on the environment. Eating plant-based reduces the number of endangered species and limits greenhouse gases. 

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