ScaleWithSales, The Leading Marketing Agency For Clean Beauty Brands, Launches New 90-Day Scaling Program

December 06 15:24 2021
The 90-day scaling program takes the guesswork out of advertising and brings tangible, profitable results.

ScaleWithSales, the leading marketing agency for clean and vegan skincare and beauty brands, launches a new 90-day scaling program targeted at entrepreneurs aiming to optimize the entire ecosystem of their business and add $50,000 – $100,000 to their bottom line. It removes marketing strategy inefficiencies and focuses only on what gives businesses direct ROI, putting them in the best position to scale.

“My mission has and will always be to empower business owners, teams, and people to unleash their true potential,” says Ahmed Abdulai – renowned eCommerce growth expert and founder of ScaleWithSales.

The ScaleWithSales’ 90-day scaling program is designed to remove the belief that advertising in the skincare and beauty space is competitive. The program is built on unique industry insights and proprietary strategies perfected throughout the years. It leverages the extensive experience of its team to bring versatile and time-tested winning solutions for each client. The program starts by gaining a deep understanding of the client’s business operations and sales processes to identify weak points that prevent them from getting the results they want.

Once these are identified, ScaleWithSales creates tailored strategies that attract the client’s ideal customers and convert them into a loyal following. This maximises the money spent on advertising, accelerates high-quality operations, and ensures profitability in every campaign.

The marketing agency further highlights its strategic processes with transparency. It has an innovative reporting structure that shows brands how their campaigns are doing. The report is carefully organized to avoid confusion, bringing all the necessary information to make smart business decisions and address the customers’ evolving needs.

ScaleWithSales’ claims do not come without evidence.

In three months, it has helped a skincare brand gain $864,302 in revenue at an 11.07 ROAS. The agency used its meticulously crafted ScaleWithSales Blueprint (a system of 14 frameworks bespoke to the agency) to achieve a progressive increase in sales. ScaleWithSales currently continues to work with the brand to expand its campaign after building the foundation for profitable advertising.

Another successful case study from the eCommerce powerhouse involves working with a beauty brand that had not run advertisements before. Through fundamental analysis and effective audience targeting, ScaleWithSales was able to create ads that resonate with the relevant people. The result is a revenue of $108,275 in just 64 days.

E-commerce Brands tired of plateauing and not reaching their goals can find more information about ScaleWithSales’ 90-Day program here:

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ScaleWithSales is a marketing agency built to empower vegan skincare and beauty brands through proprietary marketing strategies. It’s comprised of eCommerce experts, with over 30 years of experience, each of whom has successfully scaled more than 50 brands.

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