Investing in Organic Food: A Complete Guide to Making A Profit Out of It.

December 03 00:30 2021
Do you know that the organic food market will be worth $272.18 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2020 with COVID-19 impact – meticulous research® analysis.

You may question why you should even consider organic food. The benefits of organic food have been studied extensively. Organic farming not only minimizes hazardous chemicals in the environment but also boosts nutrient levels in produce, making it more nutritious than conventional farming.

The organic farming industry is expanding, as is its financial presence. What was once a modest farm industry has grown into a market force. Some small start-ups became influential multi-million-dollar businesses. While most of us have seen the increase of organic through better and more variety grocery store selections, investors are a clear measure of success. Purchasing an organic farm is beneficial to both human and environmental health. It is common knowledge that processed food causes many diseases. So, to avoid the consumption of hazardous chemicals used in food processing, global investment in organic food production must expand.

Terra Firma Foods uses advanced controlled environmental technology to locally grow fresh, nutritious and tasty, organic produce in nutrient-rich soil without the need for any chemical additives such as pesticides or fertilizers. The patented Gro methodology saves over 80% energy and water usage making the underlying energy cost lower than conventional field farming. In addition, our state-of-the-art “Terraponics” technology, guarantees nutrition and taste!

The US is one the largest consumer of organic food but more than 60% of the produce is imported. Only 1% of the total 335 million acres of agricultural land in the US is used for organic farming. The major reasons for this are the regulatory and financial hurdles. With Terra Firma Foods’ NextGen Farming technology, mere 10,000 square feet area can operate 500 grow racks which can produce a whopping 4.2 million 5 oz packages of organic produce annually. Still on the ledge about the decision? Let us help make it easier. Unlike other farming methods like field farming, greenhouses, and hydroponics, the “Terraponics” technology gives you organically certified, energy-efficient and profitable farming 365 days!

Demand for organics has risen rapidly in recent years as people become more aware of their health benefits. What was once a niche field is now a flourishing one with huge potential for smart investors. Organic food isn’t just for health nuts. It has become a profitable enterprise for those who invested. In fact, the organic farming business is valued at US$43 billion and increasing at a 7% annual rate! Organic food sales are predicted to double in the next five years! US$43.5B in 2014, global market $100B and in 2019, US$52.5B. Organic food sales increased 12.8 percent to $56.5 billion in 2020, significantly outpacing the prior year’s gain of 4.6 percent to roughly $50.1 billion.

When choosing between organic and conventional, the organic market makes sense. Organic farming is healthy for you and the environment. And if you decide to choose Terra Firma Foods, it can be profitable as well.

We wish you well!

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