Brantley Dunaway on how he helped his team members to be creative

November 26 17:56 2021

Creative leadership is what makes the world move.  In the place of work environment, creative leadership supports modernism at the full stern by building teams who dare to think in a different way. There is this delusion that creativity is only for people associated with art, who like to paint and are artsy with everything they touch. But creativity has a wide definition that applies to several different areas. 

Brantley Dunaway says creative leadership is based on the concept of building two-way teams to develop pioneering ideas. But it is not only about creating and innovating new things; it is also about being able to adapt to a world that changes continually. For businesses head to survive they need to alter the way they do things, and in a few cases, even rethink their business structure. 

Creative leaders are alert of this, but they do not only want to stay active; they want to flourish. Thus, they generate conditions for rousing creativity in their teams to develop and nurture. They pay attention to testing their employees by motivating them to work as a team for a common objective. But not in a conventional way, they create an environment that endorses inventive thinking and mission-driven management.

  • One of the most excellent ways that creativity can thrive in your team is by having varied employees. Having assortment in the place of work that results in a healthy dispute on new ways of doing things in the team. Varied teams challenge their creativity constantly by thinking about new processes, solutions, and ideas. 
  • Do not think that you are the one accountable for all the creativity. Or that because you are the creative leader, you are the master of everything. The primary purpose of creative leadership is to build a two-way environment to expand knowledge and creativity. And to persuade employees to push their boundaries on how they resolve issues or come up with ideas.
  • Encouraging failure is not about actually telling your team to fail. It is more of a management tactic that opens a space to errors but intends to learn from them and conquer them with enhanced ideas. One of the primary reasons why people fear being creative in a specialized setting is because of breakdown. For most people, thinking differently means getting outside of their comfort zone.

Brantley Dunaway
further added that creative leadership is a philosophy that assists leaders to give confidence imagination and novelty in their teams. These practical tips can serve you as a teacher to build a collaborative team that can flourish and becomes accustomed to all kinds of changes and technologies with diverse and original approaches.

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