Popular influencer and “green” entrepreneur Jules Rodriguez making waves over social media with new funny reel series

November 23 05:57 2021
Star influencer and entrepreneur Jules Rodriguez’s new reel series “Juquila” is getting viral over major social media channels.

New York – November 22, 2021 – Talk about the most buzzing reels on social media of late and it’s the “Juquila” series that will be taking up most of the limelight. Created by leading influencer and entrepreneur Jules Rodriguez and her fiancé Samantha, the reels are leaving the internet in splits with funny antics of the couple, generating a colossal wave of views and comments on Instagram and Tiktok. 

Launched last week, the “Juquila” series has Samantha dressing up like Jules and acting like her for laughs. Packed with fun sequences and crisp punches, the series has garnered a viral response ever since its release. As of now, Jules has released three reels from the “Juquila” series- the first one is bustling with a whopping 111k views while the second one has raked up a massive 21.2k views in just a few days of the release. The latest one, where Juquila is seen chasing a trash bandit has fetched an even larger number of 3,946k views. 

“It’s good to see people are liking our ‘Juquila’ release- Sam and I wanted to do something fun as a couple and we are glad that people are having a good laugh with our reels. Sam has done  a great job as Juquila and the first time I saw her look, I was in splits. It’s nice to see our viewers and followers too are enjoying the same chill vibes that had us making the video in the first place”, stated Jules. 

“We are grateful for the amazing response we have received from our viewers and we are looking forward to coming up with more such fun reels with Juquila in the coming weeks. Till then, keep checking our reels, and keep loving Juquila.” 

One of the most loved influencers on social media, Jules is followed by a mammoth number of 191k followers on Instagram and equally high number of followers on TikTok. Her posts and reels cover a number of topics, ranging from fun couple posts with her fiancé Samantha to spectacular travel posts to posts or reels with social messages, and so on. Coolest part is, Jules’ posts always maintain the ‘”humor” quotient that makes them even more interesting.  

Added to being a star influencer, Jules is also a passionate eco-conscious entrepreneur who has recently launched her eco-friendly US registered trademark brand Build To Blossom. Interestingly, Jules started her career with a high profile corporate job but she knew she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Speaking on her entrepreneurship, Jules said it was initially difficult to leave the corporate job but she has no regrets as Build To Blossom enables her to follow her passion and advocate her ideals. She took the risk of becoming an influencer to fund her business and since then there was no looking back.  

Jules started with sharing her day-to-day life on Instagram and her charisma and motivational journey soon drew in a staggering volume of followers to her page. Rising on her rising popularity as an influencer, Jules soon built up a bustling community of kindred spirits which became a stepping stone for her new venture, Build To Blossom

“Leaving corporate wasn’t easy, but I didn’t want to regret anything in life. So I took the risk of becoming an influencer to fund my business. And don’t regret a thing!”, stated Jules. 

“I wanted to build something that will enable me to manifest my passion and eco-conscious living and also allow me to offer the world a variety of options to adopt a successful eco-friendly lifestyle. And thus, Build To Blossom was born.”

Founded on the ethos of “green” living, Build To Blossom extends a vast and versatile range of eco-friendly products. With the holiday season just round the corner, the company has come up with a huge gallery of Christmas and eco-friendly gifts made from recycled or reusable materials. Customers planning to buy holiday gifts and decorations can choose from eco-friendly lunch boxes, cute recycled leather pillows, recycled leather bags, reusable Christmas tree décor items, eco-friendly Merry Christmas recycled t-shirts, and so on. 

Build To Blossom offers a wide range of eco-friendly home décor and lifestyle products. In regard to home décor, the shop has got green-conscious products for every part of the house, such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, lawn or garden, and so on. 

“We have got a diverse collection of eco-friendly home décor accessories at our store and that too in amazing styles. From eco-friendly rugs to eco-friendly synthetic wood porch swing to dark wood framed wall mirror to bamboo bed-side trays, we have got all these and more. Put simply, Build To Blossom has got almost all the products to practice green living at every part of your home. Moreover, all our products boast fashion-forward design so that there is no compromise on the style quotient”, explained Jules. 

Build To Blossom has also come up with a huge collection of eco-friendly beauty and wellness products. From hair care to skin care to makeup to beauty tools to nail care, the store has eco-conscious products for all the categories. The store offers sustainable clothing and accessories as well for both adults and kids. From swimwear to loungewear to casuals, the store is bustling with eco-friendly clothing options for various occasions. 

Speaking on, Jules mentioned a separate section on lifestyle and spirituality that covers eco-friendly fitness products, crystal grids, spiritual beads, ritual boxes, spiritual jewelry, and so on. 

“We have got eco-conscious goodies for pet parents too. You will be able to choose from a broad selection of eco-friendly pet clothing, toys, and more. There are cat houses in cool shapes and sizes, eco-friendly pet hair remover, reusable pet pee mats, pet pajamas, pet hoodies, organic cotton pet toys, pet treats, and so much more.” 

For more information, please visit https://buildtoblossom.com 

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