Spiritual Coach Taps into Orisa Energy to Make Women Fearless and Elevated

November 23 04:45 2021

Iya Tilewa, a spiritual empowerment coach, helps her clients tap into their inner powers and build a spiritual foundation that is compatible with their core values and pursuits. Iya Tilewa’s teaching transcends religion and is applicable to anyone who is struggling with materializing a life of success. Her Transformative Spirit Deep Dive sessions are widely successful and serve as an introduction to working with Orisa energy, spirit guides and ancestor spirits.

Iya Tilewa opens up about her own spiritual journey: “The work I do with Orisas and ancestral spirits helped me to grow in wisdom and humility. Humility is an especially grounding force. It lends lifelong lessons that eventually groom the apt student into their better and truest selves.”

Using a very advanced and unique approach to divination, she gives to her clients precise clarity into the predicaments that block their efforts and prevent them from seeing their desired results manifested. Her clients learn to build their own intuition in order to avoid pain and manifest happiness. Iya Tilewa’s teachings are simple: people who cultivate a winning mindset and amplified spiritual rituals can’t but succeed at everything they do.  Her clients learn to shed old, useless dreams and beliefs in favor of that which gets them to where they want to go.

​“Reaching an emotional and spiritual balance is key to achieving personal success and joy.  When you learn to integrate spirituality into your daily practical life as you thrive to be the best you can be, there is no limitation as to what you can achieve”, says Iya Tilewa.

Iya Tilewa spent almost 11 years in finance as a successful, high-performing senior consultant, and holds a degree in computer science. By every means, she was successful and happy with her corporate career. Over the years, due to unresolved feelings surrounding the childhood trauma she endured, as well as being a caretaker to an ailing relative, something deeply important felt amiss.  

Iya then turned to her spirits for courage, strength and healing. Soon, that led her to explore the advanced religious science of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Iya adopted this practice and became a priestess. From here, she acquired these healing and manifestation techniques, and set herself to become a leader in the global community, dispelling misconceptions about Orisa worship.

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