Brandson Highlights Icelandic Style in Its Unique Sportswear Designs

November 19 21:24 2021
It creates ultra-comfortable performance fashion for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Brandson is an Icelandic fashion brand offering one-of-a-kind sportswear for athletes who prioritize performance and great design. Their Viking heritage largely inspires their style — showcasing it on their pants, tops, tights, shorts, joggings, sweaters and more.

Based in Iceland, the brand makes a limited quantity of products. Their collections are named after Norse mythological characters like Valkyries, Brynhildr, Thrudr, Mist, Sigrun and Vikings. Their activewear designs are rare, unique and very stylish. A great example is their high-waist buttery soft leggings with amazing side pockets for phones or some other stuff.

“We are an Icelandic activewear brand. We design high-quality sportswear for our amazing athletes and deliver performance fashion for fitness enthusiasts who demand quality. Since we proudly integrate our Icelandic culture into our sportswear, we can always imagine that there may have been some Vikings that wore spandex clothes. It’s probably written in a very rare old saga about the Vikings,” shared a representative from Brandson.

The brand sets out to harness the magic in its heritage and transform it into beautiful and powerful clothes. Their collections bring the wearer the same joy and energy as the natural and historical sagas that inspire them every day.

Brandson values focus, experience and passion. They aim to support athletes in reaching their goals, pushing their limits and encouraging their journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

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About Brandson

Founded in 2016, Brandson is an Icelandic activewear brand that designs high-quality sportswear.

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