Taking Contemporary Architecture To The Next Level

November 19 04:16 2021
Taking Contemporary Architecture To The Next Level
Written by Alex Penna and Gary Kittredge

From our perspective, for over six long decades, technology has enabled contemporary architects to create gravity-defying twisted buildings with a WOW factor. However, how can we take contemporary architecture to the next level?

Post-WWII architecture has its roots in the Constructivist Art Movement and the far-reaching influence of the Bauhaus School founded by architect Walter Gropius. A key tenet of Gropius’ Bauhaus teaching required the architect and designer to undergo practical crafts training to acquaint themselves with materials and processes.

The Bauhaus curriculum included art foundation courses. Students learned the fundamental elements of design from a faculty of visionary artists of varied disciplines such as painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, typography, pottery, and weaving. The approach of artistic collaboration and intellectual exploration became the underlying principle of the Bauhaus, a school that combined the education of arts, architecture, and craft.

At this point, art and architecture run in parallel. However, contemporary architecture does not embrace a collaboration of sculptors and artisans; it does not generate a public dialog or solicit feedback from those passionate about contemporary art. 

We suggest architects throw themselves into the arena of participating in a contemporary art exhibition so they can hear feedback from the public and compare their work to prominent contemporary artists. Moreover, by immersing themselves in contemporary art, architects may elevate their perception of the contemporary art movement.

Jackson Pollock altered the creation of contemporary painting. His clever inspiration led to a revolution in the art movement, becoming the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world.

Just imagine if architects could lead a revolution in the contemporary art movement, as did Pollock. Studio KHORA believes if that were to occur, contemporary architecture would immediately change for the better.


Alex Penna is the Principal and Lead Contemporary Designer of Studio KHORA.

Gary Kittredge is a Realtor with Dwelling in Maine Realty and Director of Real Estate Sales and Marketing for Studio KHORA.

[ Studio KHORA ] is proud to be named a 2021 Top 50 Coastal Architect by Ocean Home Magazine. Studio KHORA previously known as Rex Nichols Architects, has received this prestigious honor for the past seven consecutive years.

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