Allergy Defender’s Allergen Spray Makes Life Living Indoors with Pets Possible

October 27 22:15 2021
Fight indoor allergens from pet dander, dust mites, and more with Allergy Defender’s eco-friendly and 100% mineral product line.

Experiencing allergies even when staying indoors? Allergy Defender’s co-founder Savanna Elliott understands how frustrating it can be to constantly get triggered by indoor allergens and tirelessly search for effective indoor allergy relief. “For us, allergies are very personal,” says Savanna, who has suffered from allergies and asthma since the age of five.

The idea of Allergy Defender started many years ago when Savanna was spending Christmas Eve with her family, doing the usual things kids do during Christmas time – marveling at the tree, shaking boxes, and singing carols. No one knew what would take place just a few hours into Christmas Day. At three in the morning, Savanna experienced an asthma attack like no other – with indoor allergens from the family poodles and the Christmas tree, determined as the culprit. Fortunately, despite being rushed to the hospital and doctors doubting her chances of survival, Savanna managed to recover.

Since it was Savanna’s first asthma attack ever, her father, Chris, was worried about the possibility of it happening again in the future. And that is what motivated him to work with a dedicated team of chemists who have expert knowledge in mineral-based products. Together, they had successfully developed an allergen-neutralizing spray to help Savanna and 25 million other people in the U.S., who are suffering from asthma, live a more comfortable and enjoyable life. With more than a decade of research and development, field testing, and third-party verification, Allergy Defender was finally born.

Allergy Defender strongly believes that no one should suffer from indoor allergies. With the help of their unique Allergen Spray, which can be used both in the air and on surfaces, people can reduce airborne and surface allergens in their homes – from cat and dog dander to dust mite matter allergens and more.

Available in a 33.8oz spray bottle, the Allergy Defender Allergen Spray is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free. It is also completely free from any harsh chemicals or plant-based ingredients that could possibly trigger allergic reactions. In fact, they only use 100% food-grade mineral ingredients for their products.In their efforts to be eco-friendly and reduce carbon emissions that hurt the planet, Allergy Defender does not ship water. Instead, all of their products come in mineral concentrate form, and you add the water. Additionally, they also have a unique refill system to reduce plastic waste.

Allergy Defender’s Allergen Spray can be purchased at $19.99 per bottle and is also currently available in a bundle with an Allergen Spray Bottle & Refill 2 Pack for only $37.89. The Refill 2 Pack and 4 Pack can also be bought separately for $19.99 and $39.98, respectively.

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