Beyond Driven Encourages Everyone to Join Community to End Substance Abuse

October 21 04:16 2021
The Beyond Driven Community educates people about substance abuse and helps them overcome addiction so they can start a journey to recovery.

In the US, more than 15 million individuals struggle with alcohol abuse. Only 7% seek help. This percentage stems from the stigma associated with addiction, lack of support, and the misconception that sobriety is impossible to achieve. Beyond Driven, a lifestyle and addiction service, aims to address these issues with the Beyond Driven Community. It is a judgment-free and shame-free space that provides resources, tools, and support to everyone who wishes to start their journey to a successful recovery and live fulfilling lives.

“Overcome your addictions and unlock your potential,” said Timothy Arrigo, a certified addiction coach and co-founder of Beyond Driven. “We help people find the blueprint for their greatness in order to become the best version of themselves. Let us help you put down the alcohol, discover a recipe for self-mastery, and unleash your greatness!”

Arrigo, together with his partner, Geoff Blaylock, leads efforts to help individuals stop substance abuse. They use proven methods born from personal experiences and more than two decades of clinical experience in addiction recovery. In the Beyond Driven Community, Arrigo and Blaylock freely share these methods and insights.

According to them, overcoming addiction is about self-mastery – mastering one’s behavioral problems so they can get rid of the things holding them back. Their method uses psychology and neuroscience to dive deep into the reason for the addiction. It breaks the concept that people with addiction are broken and need to be fixed. Instead, it emphasizes that they are hurt and need to heal.

Arrigo and Blaylock reveal how to achieve healing in their 5 Pillars to Self-Mastery – a free PDF resource available to all community members. This 5-pillar system holds “all the key ingredients” needed to release individuals from the shackles of addiction so they reach their full potential. By mastering these five pillars, individuals also develop the right character to make lasting positive changes to their lives.

Aside from the 5 Pillars to Self-Mastery resource, the Beyond Driven Community also consists of an ever-growing library of training, videos, and case studies designed to empower members to start realizing their true potential.

Arrigo and Blaylock also regularly host special live stream training to discuss sobriety mindset tactics and other valuable content. The community isn’t just about recovery. It’s also about improving different aspects of one’s life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Beyond Driven Community is a safe space, and it’s steadily growing to reach more people who need help. The whole community welcomes everyone who wishes to join. Click the link to learn more

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