360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 Launches in the USA

October 19 16:57 2021

We live in a 3D world, so it’s time to start cleaning our homes in 3D. While most robot vacuum cleaners can only scan in 2D — which can result in some messy mistakes — the flagship S10 from 360 Smart Life Group sees your home as clearly as you do, and will do a whole lot better at cleaning it. Now 360 has brought its newest intelligent robot vacuum cleaner in the USA.

Fully automated with multi-floor mapping capabilities, intelligent suction and mopping functions, impressive object avoidance and an ultra-slim body, the 360 S10, a well-deserved 2021 Red Dot Design Award winner, is available on both online and offline stores with a price of US $699.99.

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Amazing Obstacle Avoidance

Cat missed the litter tray? Don’t worry, the S10 is smart enough to know that some messes are best left alone. The triple-eye LiDAR sensors allow it to accurately detect objects before deciding how to deal with them. The main laser scans 6-8 meters ahead, the front laser scans the foreground, while the wall laser allows it to effectively clean around objects while keeping a distance of millimeters. Together, these sensors can detect more than 100 different objects.

Ultra-Slim body

Gone are the days when you come home to find your robot cleaner stuck under the sofa. Designed so the sensors sit inside the machine, the bumps that adorn other robot cleaners are eliminated, allowing the 3.35-inch S10 to scoot around and under a wider variety of objects. But don’t let this sleek design fool you. There’s a lot happening under the hood. Four suction modes scoop up dirt with almost a third more power than average models, while the 500ml dust bin only needs to be emptied every couple of weeks. For homes that need extra cleaning, the S10 comes with disposable dust bags that negate the need to clean the dust bin. The 520ml smart water tank is also larger than most robot vacuums on the market, able to clean 2,153 ft² in one sitting.

Cutting Edge Mapping Technology

No more missed patches you have to clean yourself. The S10 creates an accurate cleaning route of your home, memorizing up to 10 floor plans and constantly scanning for updates. Using the LiDARs mapping technology, the device scans your home in 3D, seeks out hidden corners and can even handle brightly lit areas by windows and sliding doors. What’s more, ultrasonic sensors allow the S10 to accurately detect the kind of surface it’s on, meaning your shaggy rug will enjoy a deeper level of suction than your kitchen tiles. 

Automatic but Fully Customizable

Working on a Bluetooth network and able to seamlessly switch between multiple Wi-Fi connections, the S10 can do its job to perfection with no input from you. You can connect the vacuum through Bluetooth to your mobile, and all aspects of the S10 and its tasks are fully customizable via a mobile app, whether you want to set up no-go zones, set a schedule, or designate certain spaces for a deeper clean. As well as whole rooms, you can set smaller customized spaces as no-go or no-mop zones, whether it’s the kid’s play mat or that jigsaw you’ve been working on since last Christmas.

360 Smart Life continues to expand its online and in store presence throughout 2021. Learn more at https://smart.360.com/.

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