New book on starting a small business with positive thinking by Jasmine Baker making waves

October 13 04:24 2021
“Creating a Small Business with Positive Thinking” by Jasmine Baker offers a proven guide on starting a small business with success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Honolulu, Hawaii – October 12, 2021 – Talk about the latest buzz in the contemporary book world and it’s the new book on starting a small business by indie author Jasmine Baker which is taking the cake away. Titled “Creating a Small Business with Positive Thinking”, the book aims to provide a tested and proven guide for aspiring entrepreneurs on starting and scaling up a small business right from the scratch, through the power of positive thinking. The book is currently available on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Creating a Small Business with Positive Thinking” has already created a big storm over the book and small business scenes in just a few days of the launch. Rave reviews are pouring in from a long line of happy readers. As per the early batch of readers, the book has created a huge positive impact on their mindset and they are better prepared now to launch a promising small business with confidence.

WOW. I wish I had this business book series when I started my business. This book managed to surpass my high expectations AND be nothing at all like I expected.” – Samantha Chorello, a female CEO and a happy reader of “Creating a Small Business with Positive Thinking”.

“It feels great to see the way my new book has been embraced by my readers. I am glad that they have found a helping guide in the book and also the inspiration to start their startup with a positive mindset”, stated Jasmine Baker, a former Naval officer, a highly successful entrepreneur and a much revered indie author.

Per her statements, the new book is the product of the author’s 30-long-year background in executive leadership and entrepreneurship. Baker initially started her career as a Naval officer and after 20 years of service in the military she took the life-changing decision to retire almost overnight and support her family through her small business. The path was challenging no doubt; as a novice female business owner, Baker had to face many difficulties in figuring out all aspects of creating and operating a successful business. But today, standing tall as a successful entrepreneur, Baker doesn’t want other aspiring entrepreneurs to face the same challenges that she faced in her initial days as an entrepreneur and it’s such ethos that inspired her to write “Creating a Small Business with Positive Thinking”.

“Starting a small business can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur. Take it from a person who has been through the whole journey almost on her own. A thorough preparation and a positive mindset are crucial to kick-start a new business on a promising note. This is where my new book comes to the help of aspiring entrepreneurs.”

“After 30 years in executive leadership and entrepreneurship, I have been able to gather a sound knowledge on the dos and don’ts of launching a potential startup. My new book is bustling with the proven and tested guide on the fundamentals on how to get a small business up and running even if you are a first-time entrepreneur. Most importantly, it will help to shape up your mindset so that you can create positive changes in your life that will eventually help you to propel your small business to big success.”

In celebration of the launch of her new book, the author is currently conducting a cross-country book tour and virtual book reading sessions as well a  range of media appearances and personal consultations.

About the author

Jasmine Baker is a former Naval officer, an engineer, ordained minister, motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. A Doctor of Management, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Driven by the ethos of helping others, Baker has founded Girls Empowered and Mentored for Success (GEMS) – a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) organization that prepares girls for a future in STEM.  She is determined to help young women around the world achieve their goals and embark on new, exciting entrepreneurial pursuits. Baker is also the CEO, founder, and host of the Positive Thinking Podcast, which delivers Christian principles for everyday living. Additionally, she is the CEO and founder of True Elegance, a designer gown store for any occasion.

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