Enjoying Dentist-Level Cleaning at Home with FlossMates’ AquaFlow Water Flosser

October 12 02:54 2021
Take away the pain, bleeding, and uncomfortable feeling associated with regular string floss while being better for the environment.

By now, most people would already know that brushing is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. It will not protect a person from having gum disease and the tooth loss that can result from it. While a regular visit to the dentist usually ends up with a recommendation to include flossing into one’s daily oral hygiene routine, many are still having difficulties being consistent with it. Most people find flossing boring, straining, and time-consuming – which is true. But not until FlossMates introduced the AquaFlow Water Flosser to the market.

Committed to making flossing pain-free, quick, and easy, the AquaFlow Water Flosser is a powerful water flosser that helps people achieve at-home dentist-level cleaning for a fraction of the price – in less than 30 seconds. It is proven to be effective in removing 99.9% of plaque, eliminating bad breath, providing 360-degree coverage to easily reach every corner of the mouth, and offering 3x deeper cleaning with zero bleeding. It is also perfect for travelling and even suited for those with braces, implants, fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers.

The AquaFlow Water Flosser features an innovative water jet technology that caresses the teeth and gums on every level. In fact, people can choose between its five adjustable pressure settings, which makes it the perfect tool for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums. And that is why dental professionals prefer it over traditional string floss. It is a more environmentally friendly option, too.

Experience long-lasting, positive change on one’s teeth and overall oral health by making the switch to the AquaFlow Water Flosser. For more information about FlossMates, visit http://flossmates.com/.

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FlossMates is a direct supplier of at-home professional dental equipment. Through their AquaFlow Water Flosser, thousands of happy customers have switched to water flossing – changing thousands of people’s lives around the globe.

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