Mapsted Makes Indoor Navigation Possible

October 06 17:39 2021
Mapsted Makes Indoor Navigation Possible

Technology has made navigation easier for people who need to get around in areas they are unfamiliar with. These days, people can use their mobile devices to get directions from one location to the next. More people are comfortable traveling to different cities knowing technology can navigate them wherever they go.

While there are several systems that can navigate a person from one street to the next, there was still one area where people were getting lost. Large indoor buildings. This is where Mapsted comes into play. Mapsted is a brand new era of navigation technology that can direct people around indoor public areas.

Make life easier with Mapsted

When businesses connect with Mapsted, they can improve their customer’s experience. Everyone knows what it’s like to enter a large building for the first time with no clear direction of which way they are supposed to go. Whether it’s their first time in a university, they’re visiting a mall in a new city, or have tickets to see a concert in a stadium, Mapsted helps them get around.

Many businesses are located in large buildings, however, they lose business from potential customers simply because they can’t find the location and there’s nobody to help them navigate. Businesses that have linked up with Mapsted have a better chance of landing customers for the sheer reason that they can be navigated easily.

Groundbreaking digital products to improve the customer experience

Many business owners try to avoid new digital products because of the additional hardware they are required to invest in. What sets Mapsted apart from other digital-based companies is that they can set businesses up with this groundbreaking technology without taking up any extra space for hardware. 

This technology allows businesses to experience effortless navigation without having to deal with expensive hardware additions. Businesses don’t need to rely on beacons or Wi-Fi for the navigation technology to work. Mapsted has also helped many businesses keep track of customer behavior through real-time analytics. 

Mapsted technology is unlike any other. They accomplished the impossible by figuring out a way to provide up to 3 meters of accuracy indoors without extra hardware. This innovative technology is going to change the future of how customers get around large businesses. 

Currently, Mapsted has a portfolio of 85 patents working with the technology and 65 patents that are pending. The list is growing every day when people discover what this technology can do for their business.

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