NDIS Provider Gentle Care Support Services Equips Melbourne With Support and Skills Development

February 18 07:46 2021
NDIS Provider Gentle Care Support Services Equips Melbourne With Support and Skills Development
Gentle Care Support Services provides disability services in Melbourne tailored to meet the needs of individuals with a variety of disabilities. This NDIS service provider assists with household tasks, travel, communication, personal activities, socialisation, and more.

When it comes to disability services, Melbourne participants of the NDIS require services that are tailored to meet their particular requirements and plans. Gentle Care Support Services offers a variety of disability support services, including medical services and support groups, skills development, and objectives-based self-development. 

The company works hard to empower NDIS participants through plans tailored to their specific needs. It matches participants with the most relevant professional support workers based on several points—language, expertise, interests and experiences—to foster a stable and beneficial carer-client relationship.

Gentle Care provides a wide range of services dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Whether a participant requires occupational therapy, speech therapy, behaviour support, translation and interpretation, counselling, or assistance with everyday living, the company ensures they are able to access the care and support they need. 

Gentle Care Support Services prioritises community involvement for participants, with services dedicated to helping clients interact meaningfully with peers and cultivate valuable social skills. For those who may not get involved due to lack of access, Gentle Care can arrange public transport or private taxis; if required, they can also assign a support worker to travel with participants to enable a smooth journey. 

The company’s at-home services extend to helping with household chores that cannot be done alone. These include garden maintenance, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and laundry. Whether participants live on their own, in shared housing, or are making the transition to independent living, Gentle Care can help build the skills needed for autonomy. 

Gentle Care Support Services also has programs in place to ensure physical fitness for participants. These include customised exercise routines for groups or one-on-one sessions. Personal training and physiology sessions enable participants to stay healthy and maintain a better quality of life.

For more information, go to https://www.gentlecareservices.com.au/

Gentle Care Support Services said, “Gentle Care Support Services’ central goal depends on the basic need to serve the requirements of our community. The premise of serving the community originates from the conviction that everybody is equal and deserves our sympathy and regard. It is tied in with giving back.

“To get out and help individuals is genuinely an extraordinary experience for yourself and the individuals. It can likewise make them feel accepted. For some individuals with disabilities, being misunderstood is a typical theme they live with, prompting dejection and disconnection, or even wretchedness and contemplations of self-destruction. 

“We make it our central goal to offer help to them. We accept that giving chances and backing can provide people with incapacities certainty, improvement in day to day living, and sentiments of inclusivity. It all begins by sharing in the time and comprehension to interface with individuals with incapacities on an individual level.”

Elaborating on how it works, they said, “When we have an arrangement set up, we coordinate participants with one of our numerous expert carers. This is dependent on the level of ability, individual interests, and experience of the participant. We accept a carer-client relationship ought to be founded on basic interests and pleasantries. We likewise consider the flexibility of the participant and carer’s timetable and responsibilities to make a consistent routine for both to follow.”

About the Company: 

Gentle Care Support Services is an NDIS specialist providing disability services in Victoria (our service areas). It helps community members with disabilities through services that include support with a number of therapies (occupational, speech, behaviour, counselling, and more), community participation, and daily personal activities. Through its services, this NDIS provider gently guides and educates participants about forming beneficial habits.

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