Business store Bouzouki World turns to e-commerce to offer hand-made, custom-designed bouzouki

February 12 23:00 2021
Business store Bouzouki World turns to e-commerce to offer hand-made, custom-designed bouzouki
With the global pandemic drastically changing nightlife music across the world, business store Bouzouki World has turned to online platforms to cater to patrons and customers looking to buy bouzouki, one of the most popular instruments in Greece.

Bouzouki World said it has chosen Greece’s finest luthiers to produce high quality bouzouki for export to the United States. There has been demand for musical instruments including bouzouki, amid growing anxiety over lockdowns and restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Buying a new professional quality bouzouki in Greece can be very difficult even for Greeks who speak the language. The instruments are not mass produced on an assembly line, hanging in music shops as we have guitars here with brand names, warranties, and polite knowledgeable salespeople,” a representative of the company said in a press statement.

Customers can find large assortment of bouzouki family instruments on the Bouzouki World website. All instruments can be ordered in tetrachordo or trichordo, which means 3 or 4 course strings. The mid-size is called Tsouras and the mini is called Baglama. Bouzouki World said pickups for amplification are available at additional cost.

Bouzouki World said modern technology is used in measurement, adhesives, and finish to achieve perfection in sound, playability and beauty. The company said only the finest wood is utilized in the production of bouzouki.

While various establishments are looking at new ways for patrons to partake in listening to live musicians and entertainment, there have been a huge demand for musical instruments to keep our spirits alive in the midst of the pandemic’s rage. Customers can rely on Bouzouki World’s products, where all instruments are produced with professional quality,” the representative added.

Also spelled buzuki, bouzouki is long-necked plucked lute of Greece. While it is one of the most interesting instruments out there, many do not know a lot about the mandolin-like instrument. The bouzouki has a round wooden body, with metal strings arranged in three or four double courses over a fretted fingerboard. 

Bouzouki World said ordering the instrument over the website would save customers time and effort, since the finding quality-produced bouzoukis have been a challenge for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Those that one sees hanging in stores on boulevards are not for playing in most cases or will fall apart in a couple of years. They are for the tourist. The pros order or buy only from well-established luthiers who make only a few high-quality instruments a year. Most makers can deliver a bouzouki in 2 to 3 months but it could take up to 6 months to get a special order,” the representative said.

Bouzouki World said it seeks to introduce quality products that have never been easily available outside of Greece. It is dedicated to introducing bouzouki to all musicians who play strings.

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