Revive a Bee relaunches product with new seed paper packaging

February 12 22:57 2021
Revive a Bee is a bee focused organisation and blog dedicated to helping bees globally.

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom – Revive a Bee’s goal is to create a better tomorrow for bees and humans alike. The future of humans and bees are intrinsically linked, change is needed on a global and individual level. Their blog has a lot of useful information where people can read about bees and expand their knowledge on pollinators in general.

For the benefit of the environment and the bees, Revive a Bee has relaunched its Bee Revival Keyring with seed paper packaging. By purchasing the keyring, customers will never miss an opportunity to help a bee in need with this cute little thirst aid kit for bees. Revive a Bee uses a special syrup called Invertbee, specifically designed for bees it provides a nutritionally sound source of energy. The syrup inside the handy keyring will be more than enough to give the bee the energy it needs to get back to the hive.

The Seed Paper included as part of the packaging contains Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) and Sesame seeds which produce pollen-rich flowers, popular plants with all the pollinators including bees. Once the keyring has been unpacked, the packaging can be used for planting. All the process requires is to soak the seed paper packaging in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes so that it is moist, easy to tear, and ready to plant. Seed germination will of course vary depending on the atmosphere, but a baby plant should be growing in no time!

About their mission:

Recent years have led to habitat loss on an unprecedented scale, alongside consistent use of toxic chemicals for farming. Revive a Bee aims to help you make a change on an individual level that can lead to benefits on a global scale. Their mission revolves around raising awareness across all generations. Everything on the Revive a Bee website is a tool or resource for people to help save bees. This simple promise of helping bees gives all actions a clear focus. The management at Revive a Bee rely on environmental supporters to encourage others to learn about bees and their plight globally. With the right tools, people collectively can achieve large scale change on a national and even global scale.

Their aim for the future is to collaborate with like-minded organisations to develop exciting and thought provoking ways to help all of beekind. Revive a Bee is always looking for aid in the protection and promotion of bees and need more like-minded supporters to join them. As an environmentally responsible company, they are humbled by all the support they have received so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings for bees and humans.

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