Comprehensive Therapy Consultants is Changing the Game for School Therapists with A Different Kind of Work Culture

December 29 15:30 2020
“Therapists Helping Other Therapists Succeed”

Individuals working in the corporate world of recruiting companies and may be somewhat familiar with how they are run. The goal being: to have as many jobs filled as possible. Imagine a team of people working hard to just fill the seat of a position — no matter the actual qualifications of the candidate. Recruiting agencies typically have a blind list of potential candidates and cold call each one until they’ve found someone that will accept their open job position.

This is typical for a lot of recruiting agencies, but Comprehensive Therapy Consultants, an Atlanta based recruiting company for school therapists across the country, is changing the game for their employees.

The difference being that their inner team is not run by random individuals with random college degrees, it’s actually staffed with speech language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists trying to help other therapists find the right job to fit their life.

Ryan Rafuse, a speech language pathologist in an Atlanta school and 3 year employee of Comprehensive Therapy Consultants said, “It makes a huge difference when the person trying to help find you a job has the same background as you. The team at Comprehensive has a real understanding of the challenges we face as school therapists because they ARE therapists. They are able to counsel us through unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situations that happen day to day at school. That kind of support is not something you can typically find working directly for a school system. Not to mention, with the benefits and pay-scale they provide, they really take care of my family”.

Comprehensive Therapy Consultants is not a new company. They have been hard at work for over 35 years and offer everything from healthcare and retirement options to mentorship programs and assistance with therapist state licensure. Anyone interested in learning more about Comprehensive Therapy Consultants, visit their website:

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