Pristine Pet’s Stain and Odor Remover Is Now Back in Stock

December 24 05:18 2020
After being sold out for months, this very popular product that has saved many carpets and couches from replacement, is now available.

There is nothing more adorable than pets. The bond that humans form with their pets is special, and caring for them brings their humans joy. But pet care is not all fun and games. As lovable as they are, numerous pet parents have had to replace many of their home fixtures and decor due to ‘accidents’ or damages caused by their pets. Pristine Pet offers a stain and odor remover that protects pet owners’ floors, furniture, as well as their pets.

While many stain and odor removers are able to eliminate stains, the color of carpets and couches are also stripped away. This results in a permanently damaged item that needs covering up or even replacing. Others simply do not work at removing odors at all. With this in mind, Pristine Pet hired a top scientist to reimagine the pet stain and odor remover.

Pristine Pet’s unique formula causes the bacteria creating the stains and smells to break down into pure oxygen and water, causing them to literally evaporate away. Their stain and odor removal products offer an enzyme-free, eco-friendly, and permanent solution to the age-old pet owner problem.

The company offers stain and odor solutions for both dog and cat owners. From stain and odor removers in various sizes, to automatic sprayers and stain detectors, Pristine Pet has them all. They also offer bundles that include everything that one needs to keep rooms smelling fresh and clean all day. For more information on Pristine Pet products, visit

About Pristine Pet

Pristine Pet manufactures easy to use eco-friendly, enzyme-free pet stain and odor removers that are designed to protect carpets and furnitures. Their products come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

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