Online Impacts is setting new standards of volunteerism with its unique philosophy of aiding nonprofit organizations

August 27 06:01 2020
Online Impacts is a not-for-profit organization that provides free website building services to other nonprofit entities!

United States – Online Impacts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers website development/hosting and related tech-based services to other nonprofit organizations. This nonprofit tech company is promoting the spirit of volunteerism among the youth so that individuals can employ their skills to make a collective positive impact in the places where it is required the most. Online Impacts is fueled by the belief to help the world as much as it can.

In the current era, every business’s survival and growth prospects depend upon its digital presence. While it is easier and affordable for for-profit and government entities to allocate a digital marketing budget, the case is not the same for nonprofit institutions. In most of the cases, not-for-profit organizations struggle to keep up with their core tasks and are far from thinking about investing in maintaining a digital face. Considering the inevitable need for internet inclusivity and the inability of nonprofits to proceed in this domain, Online Impacts has proactively stood up to bridge this gap.

The nonprofit is managed by a team of dedicated volunteers who are committed to their mission of providing tech-based services to deserving nonprofits. In the words of one of the spokespersons of the nonprofit: “We are a nonprofit that creates websites and offers tech help to other nonprofits for free. We are fueled by the belief to help the world as much as we can. Our approach to website and tech help is centered around growing with other nonprofits. Online Impacts is a social tech organization committed to the work of nonprofits, a developmental organization that uses technology to help humanity. With all of this, we care for each and every nonprofit and take care of them with a long-lasting relationship.” The volunteers at Online Impacts possess an eclectic range of expertise that includes WordPress coding, React Native App Coding, Google Sites, Wix, Weebly, Simple Web Builders, Social Media Marketing, and Nonprofit Tech Guidance. The volunteers exhibit an unparalleled work ethic while working on every project that is assigned to them.

The management at Online Impacts understands the need and value of a website for nonprofits. This is why it provides web development services free of cost. Online Impacts urges not-for-profit organizations to make people touched by their idea, impact, and services. Since the first thing people generally look at these days is a website, Online Impacts is happy to provide a website as a gesture of nonprofit help. The nonprofit also provides social media marketing services to help the relevant entities grow their audience and reach the right people with their campaigns.

At Online Impacts, the experts are diligent and want to make sure that their clients’ website and digital content is seen by maximum people. They employ state-of-the-art SEO and Audience Analytics to improve the websites’ place on the search engine and analyze the audience before preparing the marketing strategies. Online Impacts also organizes literacy programs where it trains the teams at client nonprofits in subjects ranging from basic computer knowledge to managing marketing campaigns via google ads and other platforms. Email Marketing is another niche that is managed by volunteers at the nonprofit. Moreover, the organization also offers Nonprofit design and strategy services to entities where it designs a logo for the entity and carries out growth planning from scratch.

Online Impacts is distinguished because of its dedicated and committed human resources. The nonprofit has maintained a meticulous track record of getting projects done on deadline no matter what the circumstances are. The nonprofit also goes above and beyond its commitment by training the nonprofit’s volunteers on using the system and website developed by the nonprofit. Furthermore, expert volunteers at Online Impacts always show consistent results with nonprofits with great enthusiasm and style. The nonprofit has successfully completed hundreds of projects now and keeps on inspiring similar entities via the quality of its service.

Along with providing all the discussed services for completely free, Online Impacts also runs a blog on their website where important information relevant to nonprofit organizations is shared regularly.

Online Impacts is currently accepting applications for donations, volunteers, and collaborations. More information can be accessed from the nonprofit’s website.

About the Nonprofit:

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that creates/hosts websites and offers tech help to other nonprofits for free. We are fueled by the belief to help the world as much as we can. Learn more about our services on our website.

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