Nourishing “PLUS” rejuvenating – OJESH reveals the secret to youthful, perfect skin

June 01 23:51 2020

On May 20th, 2020, German skin-care brand OJESH successfully concluded an online launch event for the new product OJESH Lifting Treatment Hyaluron Serum Intensive Care Plus mit Pflanzenextrakten, in Shenzhen. As a leading brand of hyaluronic acid ampoules, OJESH has been loyal to its mission of helping millions of women around the world to reveal beauty that is the stuff of legend. Continuing the unprecedented success of “True Love Mask” (the nickname of OJESH Premium Lifting Mask), the new product was much anticipated and is expected to be the next wonder weapon for beautiful, healthy skin.

Prominent guests adorned the event with glitz and glam

Mr. Jiayi Wang, Founder of OJESH, Ms. Rui Ning, CEO of Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Jianfeng Xiao, COO of OJESH, and Mr. Xiao Bu, famous beauty expert, were present at the launch event. The tightly paced, high-profile event sparked waves of enthusiasm after another, demonstrating the extraordinary charm of OJESH Intensive Care Plus.

During his speech, Mr. Jiayi Wang, the Chairman of Jassen GmbH and Founder of OJESH brand, confided that the original aspiration in creating OJESH was “to create a brand that is needed by millions of women, to make time stand still, to make beauty eternal, to make OJESH a lifestyle.” OJESH inherits German style craftsmanship and combines it with in-depth study of Asians’ skincare needs, resulting in a perfect synthesis of the East and the West. OJESH will continue to pursue and explore a wonderful, beautiful and valuable way of life, with the aspiration of becoming an international centennial brand.

The founder of OJESH: Jiayi Wang

Share well-being, pass on happiness. Ms. Rui Ning, CEO of Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co., Ltd, shared the brand’s philosophy of happiness from a delicate, gentle and female perspective. She said that her mission in OJESH will not change: the colleagues and distributors of OJESH shall pursue a good cause hand in hand, overcoming hurdles on the way, and continue to develop effective, safe and quality products to improve the well-being of women around the world. That is the kind of happiness that OJESH strives to pass on. The international community of OJESH will strive to bring warmth, sincerity, and courage to the community, so that more will benefit from the rewarding and fruitful life that OJESH promises.  

CEO of Shenzhen Yasen Jinyuan Technology Co., Ltd: Rui Ning

Mr. Jianfeng Xiao, COO of OJESH brand, shared his inspiring thoughts on the new product and its launch, as well as the quarterly marketing strategy. He said, in 2019, OJESH brand has covered 37 countries worldwide, with a 400% growth and an annual sales of 23 million ampoules. Three years of unremitting effort contributed to the miracles of OJESH today. With Intensive Care Plus, OJESH has reached a new milestone as a global leader in the industry. OJESH will continue to expand its global market share with a forward-looking vision, analyze the market and consumer needs in depth, and stay loyal to our partners’ voices. In the global market, the future of OJESH is unstoppable.

COO of OJESH Brand: Jianfeng Xiao

Dr. Ottmar Neugebauer, the Chief Senior R&D Engineer and Dr. Franziska Eichler, the Product Manager of OJESH, shared with the audience the story of the new product development and the history of the ingredient, hops extract, in Intensive Care Plus. It has been nearly 1284 years since the first hop was discovered. OJESH’s research and development experts have been working tirelessly to decipher the mechanisms of hops, in order to unleash its limitless potential for beautiful skin through Intensive Care Plus. 

Left: Dr. Franziska Eichler; Right: Dr. Ottmar Neugebauer

There was a secret guest in the event. Ms Mang Su, the “Queen of Lifestyle Media”, sent her greetings and blessings through a video call. She has already tested the new product and was impressed by its moisturizing, firming and antioxidant effects. Another special guest, Mr Xiao Bu shared his tips on achieving ageless skin, as well as his thoughts on the new product. As a respected opinion leader in the industry, he gave a well-informed analysis on the nourishing qualities of hops extract, followed by an application demonstration with a model. The before and after comparison clearly demonstrated the outstanding efficacy of Intensive Care Plus. 

Mr Xiao Bu recommends Intensive Care Plus for beautiful, ageless skin

As the speeches came to an end, the honorable guests gathered on the stage again to initiate the virtual launching ceremony. As they simultaneously pressed the launch button, the stage is littered with virtual hop blossoms, simulating the captivating effect of fireworks. With this spectacle, OJESH has kicked off a promising future with a new product that will be coveted by millions around the world.

Using the power of skin care to restore youthful, beautiful skin

As an affordable luxury skin-care brand from Germany, OJESH inherits the German tradition of meticulous craftmanship, as well as the European outlook on lifestyle, nature, and beauty. OJESH has blossomed in the Chinese market because it borrows European cultures in catering for the skin care needs of Asians. This is a never-ending process of exploration and integration, which results in innovative, inclusive, and globalized products. The new Intensive Care Plus is the epitome of such positive synergy.

As time goes by, our skin has to cope with substantial stress caused by internal and external challenges, such as the lack of a good night’s sleep, inappropriate skin care, UV damage etc. Lots of females are troubled by skin problems such as sensitivity, early-aging and pigmentation.

Targeting the urban phenomenon of skin with “sub-optimal health”, OJESH is inspired by the ancient beer culture of Germany. The raw material of beer, hops, as researched by OJESH, can effectively sooth irritations and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Coupled with Alpine Edelweiss Extract and 0.9% hyaluronic acid, Intensive Care Plus promises to restore healthy glowing skin, fade the signs of aging and gift the skin with the pamper it deserves. 

OJESH carefully selects the best natural materials for Intensive Care Plus. The serum is mild, therefore caters for the needs of sensitive skin, damaged skin and normal skin. During the day, it keeps the skin moisturized and protected; during the night, it repairs and regenerates the skin, nourishing and preparing it for everyday challenges. Intensive Care Plus reinvigorates the skin in three steps: firstly, sooth and condition; secondly, nourish and pamper; thirdly, regenerate and rejuvenate. In three simple steps, Intensive Care Plus help you rediscover perfect baby skin.

The apogee of skin-care innovation opens up boundless business opportunities

With Intensive Care Plus, OJESH reaches the pinnacle of skin-care innovation in 2020. Prior to the launch event, a gigantic OJESH LED-display on a skyscraper on The Bund in Shanghai was to be seen. This attracted hundreds of influencers, celebrities, and partners of OJESH to record the unforgettable moment with series of selfies. As Mr Wang, Founder of OJESH, once and again emphasized, OJESH aspires to be a brand that is needed by millions of women around the world. Inspired by nature, powered by technology, crafted with meticulous care, OJESH Intensive Care Plus is destined to trigger a new trend that shakes the global skin-care landscape.

OJESH will stay loyal to its mission and move steadily towards the goal of creating a world in which women feel freer, more confident, and more beautiful, in which their skin will obtain the best care it deserves. Intensive Care Plus is the start, not the end of this journey. OJESH has made its footprint in 37 countries. Nevertheless, its success will be celebrated with humility and conscientiousness – this is the charm of OJESH. 

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