How One Man Make A Successful Entrepreneurial Business Out Of His Dog Passion

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How One Man Make A Successful Entrepreneurial Business Out Of His Dog Passion

November 12
01:48 2019
How One Man Make A Successful Entrepreneurial Business Out Of His Dog Passion
Get your info on Rottweiler breed of dogs!

Rottweiler Life was founded by Ahmed Sobhy. He created the website in 2012 and it is now one of the most followed and successful websites for dogs, especially for Rottweiler breed. Ahmed started this as an educational, passion project but now it has turned into an income-generating business with over 1.4 million followers.

Ahmed Sobhy’s Rottweiler Life website was started as a means to work from home, alongside multiple remote freelancing writers. The purpose of the website, in its conception, was to collect information on dogs and putting them together to push it out there as people were interested in knowing more about dogs and how to care for them appropriately. An interesting aspect of the website is how it is not just catering to one type of Rottweiler breed but several: American and German Rottweilers, for instance. By distinguishing between different types, Rottweiler Life is going a step further to ensure only the best for both individuals and their dogs.

When asked about the source of his idea for the project, Ahmed stated how he has been a “dog addict” since he was eight-years old. His interest in dogs led him to wanting to create an online community for Rottweiler lovers. This turned to reality when Ahmed started using Facebook and ended up creating a fan page for people who loved Rottweiler and creating an online space where the participants could engage in social sharing experiences. One thing that worked the most in Ahmed’s project was the lack of content on Rottweilers so when the fan page was created, it managed to reach 200k fans in less than 3 months. Inspired by the response of the people, Ahmed decided to create the website as a more official medium. Similar to the response on his Facebook page, the website received a massive successful response which led to immense growth.

Ahmed’s drive to collect and share information about dogs changed from a hobby to a business. He started it all just with the aim of sharing his insight about dogs. However, his collection of vast information regarding dogs led to people inquiring about the appropriate methods to raise their dogs and modifying their dogs’ behaviour. His shared ideas worked wonders, with proven results. This made him realise that he should formalize his approach and creating an easy and convenient platform for people to browse through. That happened to be Ahmed’s first website but it was the stepping stone for his business. The success of Ahmed’s work and business is further proven and solidified by the book of the same name “Rottweiler Life” which went on to become a bestseller in the U.S.

About the company:

Rottweiler Life is a website specifically targeting Rottweiler breed of dogs. The primary purpose of the website is to provide its readers with insight on Rottweilers and ensuring a smooth life for both the dogs and their owners. The website’s aim is to simplify the relatively complex relationship between people and their dogs through information, news and trivia regarding Rottweilers.

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