LOEX GLOBAL, the World’s Leading Digital Asset Trading Center, Has Successfully Launched the Latest V3.0 Trading System

November 08 22:00 2019

At the end of 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the concept of blockchain, the global blockchain technology trend of decentralization, rebuilding trust mechanism and value  dissemination was launched. Beginning in 2017, various blockchain Tokens continue to heat up, and the digital currency market with blockchain as the underlying technology has ushered in a spurt of development over the past decade.

As a key player in the blockchain industry, the exchange connects the primary and secondary markets of digital currencies, and is almost the only bridge between project parties and blockchain investors, mastering the absolute voice of the blockchain industry, and even it is the lifeblood of development in global blockchain business.

Unfortunately, the trading system created by most exchanges is both primitive and crude. More importantly, most exchanges have serious shortcomings such as weak underlying framework, backward security protection technology, as well as opaque data and rules.

The development of trading platforms is usually accompanied by the process of technological development, including the iterative innovation of trading systems. As a trading platform dedicated to building a user-first and security-first platform, LOEx Global has never stopped on the road of development. In order to promote the benign development of the global blockchain industry, the market urgently needs a compliant, safe, reliable, stable, intimate and trustworthy trading environment to cope with the upgrading and iteration of the blockchain industry and promote the global exchanges to form a more benign competitive pattern. Therefore, in November 2019, LOEx trading center launched a new revised trading system.

The latest R&D V3.0 trading system was successfully launched, breaking the shackles of trading system and highlighting the advantages, which was highly praised by the industry!

The 3.0 version of LOEx Global trading center has been upgraded for the four directions of “all-site vision”, “performance optimization”, “safety risk control” and “interactive experience”. The upgraded website will be upgraded in terms of transaction speed, user experience, security, etc. This version is fully updated.

1. All-site vision, magnificent and beautiful

The visual rendering is greatly improved, and the visual effect is more beautiful and magnificent. The homepage adds multilingual, multinational currency trading system, new version of OTC, and supports ordering functions in six languages (Chinese simplified, English, Chinese traditional, Korean, Japanese, Russian). The operation is also smoother.

2. User-oriented, optimize transaction process

Optimizing the trading experience is the core of this new system development. In the actual development process, the LOEx team, after continuously simulating user transactions and gaining rich practical experience, based on the usage habits of the mass users, optimized the solution several times and finally determined the new system construction path, including the K-line display accuracy has also been greatly improved.

3. Safety first, risk control system upgrade

For an exchange, the risk control system is related to system security, data security, and capital security of a platform. In this risk control system upgrade, LOEx focuses on data flow backtracking, abnormal alarms, risk response, data monitoring and other aspects, and optimize the content sorting of the security center to the maximum extent possible, greatly improving the security factor, thereby protecting the security of the platform and user assets.

4. Interactive experience, easy to use and versatile

Meet the needs of the public, new to digital currency easy to understand and use; The functions are diverse, and the categories are exhaustive. Perfectly meets the basic requirements of easy-to-use, accurate and efficient, safe and friendly humanized interactive experience.

The entire system more perfectly maintains many function advantages

Safety risk control system: Abnormal alarm, risk prevention, data monitoring, hot and cold wallet separation; Cooperate with well-known institutions on Wall Street to implement diversified financial risk management and comprehensively upgrade the safety factor. What LOEx can do is to ensure the security of assets, the screening of risks on the listing projects, and the security checks of exchange users.

Operational service system: The exchange offers a multilingual, multinational currency trading system; Mature concept, sincere attitude, 24 hours sincere online; Select high-quality projects, more independent R&D of “red envelope extension”, big data “cockpit”, locked position and release as well as other comprehensive applications.

Product interaction system: easy-to-use, accurate and efficient, safe and friendly; High-performance matching engine, per trading pair * million+tps, micro-second high load.

The blockchain has become the current global technology boom, and the digital asset exchange, which is standardized, secure and trusted, will surely be the core demand of global digital assets.

LOEX GLOBAL (referred to as: LOEx) is one of the world’s leading digital assets trading platform. It is sponsored by LOEX GLOBAL International Strategic Investment Foundation and registered in Seychelles. With a strong fund background and local support preferential policies, LOEx has realized the global blockchain ecological layout, and has established operation centers in Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Dubai and other regions. It has millions of users in 120 countries and regions.

Based on its own corporate culture and professional talents, LOEx adheres to forward-looking layout, international expansion and market operation. Focusing on the exchange, it is committed to building a perfectly global digital asset financial ecosystem, including public chains, wallets, quantitative channels, blockchain colleges, mines, encrypted social software, global ecological incubation funds, public welfare funds and a series of upstream and downstream full industrial chain empowerment blockchain value circulation. Our company has successfully launched the blockchain MBA program, attracting and cultivating a group of outstanding professionals; committed to providing safe, convenient, honest, high-quality digital asset investment transaction services to global users, and providing a solid foundation for the global enterprise and industrial ecological revolution.

LOEx takes “user-first” and serves the world’s “Token” as its business philosophy, creating a multinational one-stop localized trading service to protect the global blockchain users.

The launch of the new system is a breakthrough in technology development, and it also lays a solid foundation for the next development. LOEx will accelerate business development and improve transaction diversity in the future. It will support independent blockchain projects in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain from capital, technology and talents to provide leadership and a more stable environment for global blockchain development.

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